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Interview with romance author Heather Webber

Todays interview is with romance author Heather Webber. Please give her a warm welcome.

Laurie- Hello Heather, first I want to think you for doing this interview. Now, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Heather-I’m so happy to be here—thank YOU. About me? I’m just your average mom-next-door who makes things up for a living. I have an overactive imagination and put it to good use.

Laurie- What inspired you to write?

Heather-That should really be “who inspired you to write.” My husband. I woke up one morning many moons ago with a full story in my head. I told him about how it would make a great movie, then quickly changed my mind because of all the plot intricacies and said it would make an even better book. He said, “Write it.” As if it was that simple! But...I did. That story is now in my closet in a big binder cohabitating with the dust bunnies, but that book started my career. I haven’t looked back.

Laurie-Out of all the books you wrote, do you have a few that holds a special place in your heart. How about your heroes and heroines, do you have a favorite among them?

Heather-That’s a tough question. It’s hard to pick and choose, because some are favorites for different reasons. Trouble in Spades, the second in the Nina Quinn mystery series, is a favorite because it really showcases my voice, my humor, my plotting. Truly, Madly, the first in the Lucy Valentine series, is also a favorite. I love that story! And I just can’t choose among my characters—I love them all, right down to the quirky pets.

Laurie- What are some of your favorite author’s and some of your favorite books you’ve read?

Heather-Too many to name. I love reading mysteries and romance, old favorites to debut authors. My go-to book when I’m sick or just need to escape is Son of the Morning, a paranormal romance by Linda Howard. My copy is in sad shape—that’s how many times it’s been read.

Laurie- Would you please tell those who have never heard of your Lucy Valentine series a little about Lucy?

Heather-Lucy is the black sheep of a psychic matchmaking family, a family that owns a wildly successful matchmaking firm because they can see auras and match people based on color. Lucy, however, lost that ability when she was young, and only has the psychic ability to find lost objects-something she thinks is quite useless until she “sees” a vision of a diamond ring on the hand of a skeleton. She’s launched into a murder investigation and also tries to help find a missing little boy. There’s a sexy PI helping her out (who has secrets of his own), an annoying reporter dogging her, and a very dysfunctional family and some lovable friends also in the mix. Hopefully Lucy’s stories will make a reader laugh, cry, sigh.

Laurie- What inspired you to write about Lucy Valentine?

Heather-I’m not quite sure where she came from—she was just there one day. I knew I wanted to do a paranormal, and I’d always been fascinated by psychics. However, she had to be a psychic with limitations—or else there’d be no mystery. I loved the name “Valentine” so I knew I had to have an element of romance. I mixed them together and Truly, Madly was born.

Laurie- Do you add anything about yourself into your character Lucy, if so what?

Heather-I think there’s always a little of the author in every character, especially when writing first person. Lucy and I have the same humor, the same sense of injustice. We both love animals and are extremely loyal to our families. Physically, we have nothing in common—and she’s much more brave and outgoing than I am. Plus, she’s psychic, which I am not!

Laurie- Do you know yet how many books you’re going to right about Lucy Valentine?

Heather-Right now there’s three, plus a short story. I hope to write the fourth this year, but when it will be published and with whom is still up in the air...

Laurie- Do you have a favorite quote of Lucy’s, if so what?

Heather-I can’t think of one off the top of my head!

Laurie- Anything else you would like to add about Lucy?

Heather-Hmm. I hear a lot from readers about how they feel like Lucy is their friend, that they’d love to hang out with her—and I think that’s one of the best compliments ever.

Laurie- Would you tell us a little about what you’re working on next?

Heather-Currently I’m working on a new paranormal mystery series featuring novice witch Darcy Merriweather. The first book It Takes a Witch will be out in January 2012 under my pen name Heather Blake. More info here:

I’m also working on a Nina Quinn novella, and of course, a fourth Lucy book.

Fun questions
What your favorite color? 
Red, though it changes depending on my mood.

Do you have any pets? 
Max, the immortal fish. We had hamsters for a while (Lucy’s one-eyed hamster Odysseus is based on one of our former hammies), but after the last one passed, I couldn’t bring myself to get another. Some day.

What’s your favorite movie and TV show? The Amazing Race. I’d love to go on it, but I couldn’t eat the crazy food at some of the challenges! Movie? I’d have to say Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Love it.

Do you have a favorite food or place to eat?
My favorite food is chips and dip, and my current favorite place to eat is PF Changs. Mmmm.

Where to find Heather

I hope you enjoyed the interview and make sure you check out Heathers books they are awesome.


  1. Great interview and I can't wait to read Heather's new series featuring Darcy Merriweather.

  2. Nice interview. I live in MA and worked for Patriot Ledger so feel we have something in common. Love it when you write about this area.
    I am reading the River of Dreams sisters.
    I want more Nina Quinn!

  3. Hi, Heather.

    There isn't a single one of your books that I haven't absolutely loved, and I can hardly wait to meet Darcy. Just promise you'll never stop writing.

  4. Thanks, Dru! I can't wait for everyone to meet Darcy.

    Anon, I still love reading the Patriot Ledger online, just trying to keep up with what's going on. Good news on the Nina front--I'll be releasing a Nina Quinn novella later this year. And I'm so happy you found the Parker sisters--not too many people have read those!

    LJ, thank you!!! I promise I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

  5. Great interview! Thanks for sharing Heather.

  6. Great interview.
    The first book in the series has been on my wishlist for some time now and I think it's time to get it soon.

  7. Heather, I forgot to tell you. I have two Maine coon cats that loves cheese too. When I read in your second book about Lucy's cat eating cheese, I couldn't help but laugh and say it must be a Maine Coon thing.
    Thanks again for the interview.

  8. Thanks for this interview, another series added to my list.

  9. Thank you, Meggerfly!
    Sabrina, thanks for adding them to your wishlist--hope you'll love Lucy.
    LOL, Laurie. I think it might be a cat thing!
    Thank you, BLHmistress--so many books, so little time, right?

  10. Sorry I'm late. I loved this interview, Laurie. I haven't read the series but its on the TBR list! I'm checking out Heather's website too! Thanks.

  11. Awesome interview can't wait to look for her series at the library and bookstore! Lucy sounds really fun/funny can't wait to read this series definitely on my TBR list =D

    as always ♥, Carol


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