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Interview with romance author Sondrae Bennett

Please welcome romance author Sondrae Bennett!

Laurie-Hello Sondrae, I want to thank you for do this interview. Would you tell us a little about yourself?

 Sondrae-Thank you for having me! This is a hard question considering I completely turned my life upside down a couple months ago (quitting my job and moving from NYC to Michigan) but the two things that have always been constant in my life are my love of reading and my love of romance. I can't remember what age I was when my mom gave me my first romance novel but I was immediately hooked and have been ever since. 

Laurie-What inspired you to write?

 Sondrae-I've always been a hobby writer but it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to pursue publication. I kept searching for specific story lines and wasn't able to find exactly what I wanted, so that made me consider writing them. But the real impetus was when I decided to enter a romance short story contest. I started Arctic Winds intending to enter it but before I knew it, I was way over the wordcount guidelines and not even half way done. I decided to keep going because I fell in love with my characters and wanted to see where their tale was going. When the story was finished I asked a friend to look at it and he pushes me to submit it. Luckily Lyrical Press thought it was as good as I did and published it.

Laurie- Out of all the books you wort, do you have a few that holds a special place in your heart?How about your heroes and heroines, do you have a favorite among them?

 SondraeMy debut book, Arctic Winds, will always hold a special place in my heart for paving the way (and I love the story). Other than that the book I just got contracted, The Wolf Within, which is the third book in the series, stand out as one of my favorites. Even though she is barely in Arctic Winds, I always knew that Julie, the heroine of The Wolf Within, had something special in store for her. Turns out I was right. But I think whatever book I'm working on/ just finished is always gonna be among my favorites.

Laurie-What are some of your favorite author’s and some of your favorite books you’ve read?

 Sondrae-My number one favorite book is Watchers by Dean Koontz. Even though it's not a romance novel, the book is filled with love and Einstein is one of my favorite characters of all time. My favorite romance writers include Shelly Laurenston, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Nora Roberts, Dana Marie Bell.... and so many more. I actually have a feature on my blog every Monday where I point out books and authors I'm in love with called Madly in Love Mondays.

Laurie-What sub-genre that you write? Do you have a favorite?

 Sondrae-At the moment, I've only published paranormal romance but I've got a couple stories in the work that are contemporary and one erotica.

Laurie-Would you tell us a little of what you’re working on next?

 Sondrae-Well, the next two books in the Alpine Woods Shifters Series, Arctic Winds being the first, are finished and contracted with Lyrical Press. Chasing Paradise will be out in August and The Wolf Within in November. Other than that I'm concentrating on writing a contemporary story about a woman who gets a second chance at love. I'm also researching a new paranormal series I've been wanting to write and of course I have plans for the forth and fifth books in the Alpine Woods Shifters as well. Needless to say, I'm keeping busy.

Laurie-I loved reading your Arctic Winds eBook. Would you tell those who have never heard of this book a little about it.?

 Sondrae-Arctic Winds is a paranormal romance between an arctic fox shifter, Samantha, who’s been abandoned and on her own, and an alpha wolf, Jason, who’s the leader of his pack. She stumbles into his pack’s diner with barely more than the clothes on her back, terrified of other shifters. He has to prove to her that she’s not only worthy of love and respect but that she belongs with him, despite the interference of the jealous female wolves in the pack and the male foxes in the neighboring town.

Laurie-You have so many great characters in Arctic Winds are you paining on writing more? If so who is next?

 Sondrae-Yes! The second book, Chasing Paradise is the middle of edits right now and is slotted to be released in August. It's Ethan's story, Jason's brother, and it's a very emotional and angsty story. I'm just getting started on The Wolf Within edits, the third book in the series. It's Julie, the youngest sibling's, story and it's scheduled for a November release. Needless to say I'm not done with the characters quite yet. :)

Laurie-What was your favorite scene in Arctic Winds?

 Sondrae-This is a hard question! I've got a couple that stand out in my mind. I'll try not to give away any spoilers. My top two are probably the massage scene and the parking lot scene.

Laurie-I loved the heroine as an arctic fox, it’s different. How did you get this idea?

 Sondrae-I didn't understand why shifters had to be wolves, bears, large cats, and other predators and wanted to create something different. Jason was actually originally going to be a red fox but... well he set me straight on that one. But I liked using unique shifters. In fact, Ethan's mate in Chasing Paradise, Gwen, is an otter shifter. One of my favorite scenes is one where she's hunting fish in the water.

Fun questions
What your favorite color? Green (especially a dark forest green)

Do you have any pets? 2 dogs, a wire haired fox terrier and a wheaten terrier

What your favorite movie and TV show?
Tough one! I have to say Newsies and Survivor but it depends on what day you ask me. Close seconds are Aliens and Legend of the Seeker.

Do you have a favorite food or place to eat?
I love chicken parmesan. That's probably my favorite but I also love a good cheeseburger and fries.
Thanks again for having me!


  1. Great interview Laurie the book looks good and I really liked your for fun questions.

    Have a great day! *hugs*

  2. Great interview! Sounds good!


  3. Interesting premise, very unique as have not heard of a wolf and fox combination before in all the many books about shifters that I have read!
    Thanks for the informative interview Laurie and thanks to Sondrae for sharing about the upcoming books in the series as well....

    Looks like I need to read some books!

  4. Great interview. Books sounds goo, I love shifter books.

  5. Thanks Danielle, Gabrielle, Jackie, and JeepDiva! And Thank you Laurie for having me here today!

  6. Artic Winds sounds fantastic, I will be adding this to my TBR list for sure. have a great day!

  7. Thanks Queentutt! I hope you enjoy it. You have a great day, too!

  8. I am adding her books to my list because I have never ever heard of any fox shifters and that really has peeked my interest.

    Hi Sondrae How many books are planned in this series ?

  9. Thanks BLHmistress! Right now, I have five books planned for the series. But I have a few other ideas for the secondary characters I've introduced, so there may very well be more. Or there may be a spinoff series. At least five, though.

  10. Great interview!

    I loved getting to know more about you, Sondrae!


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