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Review: Camille's Capture by Evanne Lorraine

Camille’s Capture
Evanne Lorraine

Paranormal Romance / Erotic M/M and M/F/M / Sci-fi / Fantasy
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Genetically engineered for a single function, to breed, Camille has followed the rules and accepted the Goddess’s will as explained by the elders all her life. After artificial insemination fails, she gathers her courage, traveling to distant New Eden to try in-person breeding. When her matches fail to appear, the meek little breeder rebels, determined to leave the Goddess-forsaken world behind her as fast as the next ship home can make the jump to subspace.

Aegis exists only to fulfill his vow to avenge the death of his parents by a Baldorean blood mage. Not even the forbidden desire for Jaxon interferes with his quest. But contact with a breeder threatens everything he holds sacred.

For four years, Jaxon dreamed of tri-bond with Aegis. Isolated by hostilities in the endless war with Baldor, he’s trapped in the close quarters of their fighter with Aegis and Cami, his most secret dream come true. But instead of bliss, he finds himself plunged into a battle with prejudice, doubts, and jealousy.

Cami travels halfway across the universe, survives brutal rejection, humiliation and a firefight. Stranded with two fierce warriors, not even a broken heart will make her quit until she has the sperm she needs.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, interspecies sex, menage (m/m/f) male/male sexual practices, violence.



Fantastic Read! HOT!

Wow, all my favorite genre characteristics combined in one book. I loved the combination of a paranormal read in a sci-fi world (futuristic) that includes the fantasy of mages/wizard magic and powerful gifts. To top it off, the m/m and m/m/f erotica scenes made the story one HOT read. The book was a fast read and flowed perfectly with all the action going on between fighting their enemies and finding time for their destined mates.

Cami (human breeder), Jaxon (Human Soldier), and Aegis (Tethysian water demon) characters were extraordinary with their own individual back grounds and how they came about to the situation of becoming mates. Cami seemed to be a little naïve in the beginning and then all of a sudden she was one tough kick ass chick (totally loved it).

Jaxon was definitely the macho type and wanted to impress his mates by wanting to be the hero. His feelings were a little insecure between desire, jealousy, and protectiveness.

Finally, Aegis was one hot green demon who kept himself cloaked in a human disguise most of the time until he revealed himself to his two mates. He held a powerful demeanor of control in all situations especially when it came to claiming his mates. He controlled all the sexual actions and the mind melding’s of each mate.

Great Read! I wanted more and I will definitely be reading more of this author’s work.

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