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Review Claimed by the Wolf Prince by Marguerite Kaye

Title:Claimed by the Wolf Prince
Author:Marguerite Kaye
Source: Requested review
Genre: paranormal romance/historical romance- wolf
Format: eBook
Length: Novella
Authors website

Scottish Highlands, 1700
Legend tells of a clan of fierce warriors, the Faol, who have mastered the spirit of the wolf living inside of them. They are famed for their skill in battle—and for their irresistible allure to mortal women...
It is an attraction fiery Iona McKinley experiences firsthand when she is taken by Prince Struan Tolmach, Lead Alpha of the Faol. His touch is thrilling and arousing...but she's destined to be claimed by another warrior. Will Struan risk losing his clan to keep Iona for himself?



Claimed by the Wolf Prince is the frist book in the Legend of the Foal trilogy and it's mix of historical and paranormal romance. I found this novella very entertaining and sexy to read. I really enjoyed the characters and the story.

Laird McKinley bartered what was most precious to him years ago to Struan and he is now ready to take what the Laird owes for his people the Foul, which would be the Laird daughter Iona. The thing will be can Struan let her go when its time? Iona is now in a world that she knows nothing about faced with too many choices that she wants no part of because all she wants is to go home, but Struan stirs something in her in a way that she also wants to say, but she can’t have Struan or can she? What I liked most in reading this story was Struan was able to give up what is most precious to him at the end.

Reading order

1)      Claimed by the Wolf Prince
2)      Bound to the Wolf Prince
3)      The Highlander and the Wolf Princess

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