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Review The Falcon Prince by Karen Kelley

Title: The Falcon Prince (Princes of Symtaria #2)
Author: Karen Kelley
Source:I purchased
Genre: Paranormal romance- Shape-Shifters

Rhianna Lancaster has always been 'different' - and not in that quirky, small-town Texas way. Nope, Ria's unique qualities are downright bizarre, which is why she tries to keep them to herself, thank you very much. So maybe she should be glad when, out for a run, she encounters a guy even weirder than she is - not to mention naked. What Ria learns from this 'Prince Kristor' person is that he's an alien sent to help her get in touch with her powers and rescue her from a mortally unfulfilling life here on earth. Good to know. Also good to know the local law enforcement, whom Ria calls after macing Good Prince Naked and running for her life. Problem is, she can't stop.



The Falcon Prince is the second book in Princes of Symtaria series. I found this book to be an enjoyable fun read. This story takes you a little deeper in the Symtaria world than the first book.  I found this one lacking in a few areas. I just never felt the passion between the hero and heroine. It was always them saying; the hero I am  taking you home, then the heroine no I am not going. This arguing goes on throughout the book, it drove me crazy at times. Then there is the abrupt ending where the heroine is all of a sudden ready to go. What? UGH!  I wanted more.

Now, let’s get to the basics. The sex is really hot and Rinanna and Kristor are very enjoyable to read, even without the passion. I also liked Rinanna friend Carly, she added a lot to the storyline.

Ria owns and works at a dog groomer, with lots of clients. Everyone in town thinks she is crazy because she has a voice in her head that she is always talking to out load. When she comes across a naked man in the woods that tells her he is from another planet, everyone wants her to go to the doctors in Dallas so she could get help (she should have keep her mouth shut lol). Then she finds out this stranger has the same voice in his head and that Ria needs to let out her hawk animal side or Shintara will die, the thing is, can she do this with her scared of heights?

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  1. Hmmm, the world she's created sounds interesting, but I don't like it when characters argue throughout the book. I like that she's a dog groomer though!


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