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Review of Ultimate Breed by Erosa Knowles

Title: Ultimate Breed
Author: Erosa Knowles
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy - Vampires
Format: ebook - 200 pages
Release Date: Mar. 12, 2011
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Time is running out for the Vampire Breeder Skye, in more ways than one. Her car is attacked while enroute to give birth, a huge bounty is placed on her head and a Vampire Hunter attacks her. And that happens in one day. Her Were-Hyena security team calls in Adrian Vail, a mercenary who gets results. He’ll get her to safety, keeping a step ahead of the Bounty Hunters and the master-minds behind the threats. One thing for sure, he’s never met anyone like her and fights the attraction with each breath. After the lost of his daughter, women with children were off limits. Her strength intrigues him. Her beauty captivates him. Can he maintain a professional distance while saving her life?


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My Review -

Ultimate Breed is an interesting paranormal romance/urban fantasy story that focuses on a female vampire breeder (Mistress Skye) who is the target of vampire hunters who want not only her dead but her unborn child dead as well. They almost succeeded if not for a series of lucky breaks that lead her to the one man who may be the only one who can protect her, but also captures her heart for the first time in her existence.

Ultimate Breed has a very unique mythology not only regarding vampires, but regarding weres such as were-hyenas and tigers who are live among humans without their knowledge and are hunted by Hunters. Also the "creation" theory regarding vampires is not only intriguing, but how they are viewed by the "Ultimate" (God) and Lucifer provide a new perspective in this genre. Though the secondary characters are weres their primary role in the story is to help Skye and Adrian in finding the people involved in the assassination attempt, thus we don't learn very much about their capablilities.

I enjoyed this book, but found that it took a long time (halfway through the book) before Skye and Adrian got together and even then there was very little sexual tension built up make me feel any intensity between them. I could understand her lust for Adrian due to her feeling sensations that have never occurred to her before (despite being a breeder of vampires no passion was ever involved in the procreation of the species), but not passion or love.

I just wished more was fleshed out with both the characters and their relationship. I liked the characters, but felt I never really got to know them or really feel for their plight. The plot while interesting, never had me on the edge of my seat anxiously wanting to know what was going to happen next. Though it felt more like an urban fantasy book then a paranormal romance book, the action and suspense could have been more intriguing and action packed.

If you want a light read with a twist on vampire mythology then check this book out, but don't expect it to be a nail-biter.


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