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Review Temple of the Heart by Tori Minard

Title: Temple of the Heart
Author: Tori Minard
Pages: 250
Format: eBook
Genre: Paranormal romance
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As a priestess of Desou, Laila knew the most sacred Rule in the Temple. No priestess should look upon the world outside or be seen by any man. Even in the face of catastrophic fire, the priestesses kept the Rule, and burned. All except for Laila.

Over one hundred years ago, Niko vowed allegiance to the Dark and became a vampire in order to defend his mother and sister. He never expected to destroy them himself. Now he lives in the shadows of Atlantis, the greatest civilization in the world, hating himself and reviled by others.

Pulling one lovely priestess from a burning temple can’t possibly atone for a century of drinking human blood.

Although his very touch is said to defile her, Niko vows to protect Laila, not only from the men who hunt her but also from the darkness he carries within himself. But Laila desires love and strength, not protection, and she’s willing to make her own vow to the Dark in order to get it. She defies her deepest fears and risks death to save Niko from an Atlantean execution so they can be together forever.
Niko and Laila are from two different worlds of Atlantis. Niko's a vampire, who is considered an unwanted outsider by Atlanteans. Laila's a priestess of the Desau temple, highly revered and not permitted to see or be seen by the outside world. They weren't meant to ever meet, but after Niko rescues her, they end up running from the Atlantean guard just to stay alive. Throughout the book we see how the two have to fight at every turn to get away from the guards and when you learn why you'll be happily surprised. While Laila is learning to live in regular society and Niko is learning to trust someone other than himself, secrets about their pasts and their futures are discovered.

There were some sad parts that I really thought the couple wasn't going to make it thanks to Niko's stubbornness! He realizes almost too late that he loves Laila and that in order to save her he has to put his trust in someone other than himself. Garek is the half Amaki that Niko is going to have to put his trust in. It was fun to read Laila trying to curve her very curious nature and willingness to break the rules. Afterall, her curiosity was the reason Niko saw her while she was in her hiding place in the attic after she snuck up there to see the line of people bringing offerings to the Desau temple. Even at a glance Niko was immediately taken with Laila and she with him. But only after Niko rescues Laila from the burning temple does he realizes he can't let her go of her that easily. Their journey to freedom isn't easy. Niko is constantly battling the Dark that is trying to get him to join with it and accept his full powers, but with Laila's support and finally trusting Garek, Niko accepts who is and learns from it. I really like Laila and Niko as a couple. It was so sweet to see Niko let his feelings show little by little for Laila and the fact that she was patient, but didn't take his crap while he was still denying his feelings for her was great. I thought a few times Laila was going to be a pushover, but I was very relieved that she stood her ground when she needed to.

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves to read about a sexy, stubborn vampire and a beautiful priestess that have to accept themselves for who they are before they can accept each other and find happiness.

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