Thursday, March 31, 2011

Destiny Divided by Leia Shaw

Title: Destiny Divided
Series: Shadows of Destiny Book One
Author: Leia Shaw
Authors Website:
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: PDF
Length: Novel

"Pure power flooded her body flowing freely through her veins. She had just found an emotion stronger than anger and fear combined. Lust. And there was no containing her now".

After fleeing her native city - and nightmares of a traumatic childhood - Sage Peterson meets the overbearing, pretentious, yet haunted Professor Elias. He's the only one who knows about her mysterious powers, which seem to be spiraling out of control. When he convinces her to train with him, she finds herself thrust into a five hundred year war and on the run from vampires, werewolves, and even worse - her budding feelings for James Elias.

James had been living a dull and empty existence for the past century and a half. When a fiery half-sorceress, half-witch with a stubborn streak and sharp wit enters his life, he sees her only as a potential weapon to use against his greatest enemy. But when he discovers the vulnerable woman beneath the angry mask, instinct screams to keep her safe. To protect and provide. And to claim her as his.

But will it be too late? As passion and lust ignite between them, vengeance is slipping away. And when Sage is confronted with fulfilling an unexpected destiny, will she choose to trust James with her heart?



Dee's Thoughts:

Honestly, I had to put this one down. I just wasn’t immediately drawn into the characters. When I came back I could kick myself for ever stopping. I am such a schmuck!

Sage is an extremely strong character. I enjoyed the personal, internal journey the author lead us on. The author does an exceptional job in expressing the emotions Sage has and is going through making a connection form easily with the character. She is also completely kick-ass and you have to love that.

James is an arrogant, know-it-all, but sexy as hell professor. His initial intentions for Sage were not so honorable, but James soon realizes love is more important than vengeance. When this happens the alpha male comes out, and the “MINE” phrases begin. You know I love that!!! Yes I do!!!

There is quite a few surprises in this novel, and that I enjoyed. The sarcastic humor was exceptional. Shaw pulled a snort or two from me, I will admit. However, what lacked for me was the sexual relationship of the characters. The first encounters (plural) were referred to but not addressed. This left a big void for me in the novel. I sat back and thought “What the heck! When did that happen?” and flipped back pages to see if I missed something. Then I read the page numbers to see if I was missing pages. Next I realized the information I was looking for just wasn’t there! There is a scene eventually where the leads have a private meeting, but at that point I was a wee bit frustrated.

Would I read the next addition? YES, for the great sarcastic humor, and the potential of a great series.

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