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Review Elora's Match by Liia Ann White

Title: Elora's Match: The Different Saga Book 1
Author: Liia Ann White
Source: Requested review
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Length: Novel
Author website 

Elora’s parents mysteriously disappeared when she was fifteen. She vowed to find answers – discover what really happened to them. But after twenty-five years of travelling the world she has come up empty handed. Feeling tired and lonely, she settles down in the city her best friend, Caleb, calls home. To lead a regular human existence for a while; like he does.

One problem; they’re not human. They’re Different – a rare supernatural race known for their beauty, strength and supernatural abilities.

Elora is led to a man by a series of visions. Cue Kadin; powerful, sexy and also Different. He is her match – her soul-mate. Her life has never felt so complete.

But it’s not all good news. Elora must now deal with a rogue demon Elder hell-bent on taking over Lucifer’s reign over Hell. To succeed she needs to steal Elora’s power. When she’s facing the fight of her life, can Elora really trust Kadin?



Elora’s match is a magical mix between paranormal romance and urban fantasy. This story is told in Elora POV. I enjoyed the story and the magic used in this book. You get a lot of action, danger, magic and hot sex with a bonding.

Elora is a supernatural beings called Different. All Different have magical powers like telepathic, physic incredible strength, etc.., like witches. Elora is one of the more powerful Different; she has quite a few different powers one of which includes psychokinesis. With Elora being so strong you know she has someone eyeballing her powers and wants to killer her, so here is where you action comes in and there is quite a bit of it.

Different have mates and when they find their mate they have a special bonding between them. I myself liked reading this bonding, I’ve always liked the idea of mates being able to share experiences with each other.

I enjoyed the story and the way the author was very clear on the world. What I didn't really care for was the heroine. She can get on someone’s nerves, yep, at times *scratch that* the biggest part of the time becuase it’s all about her. I also didn’t like how she treated Kadin when she found out he was keeping a few secrets from her, hint again it’s all about her.

All in all this is a good read and I would recommend this to any urban fantasy or paranormal romance reader that likes a sexy action story.

Readers that likes Stacey Kennedy The Magical Sword series may like this series.

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