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Review Love Tattoo by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Tttle:Love Tattoo by
Author:Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Source: Requested review
Genre:Paranormal romance- Vampire
Length: Novella
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One unexpected late night encounter and one titillating kiss detours Cara Riley from reaching Nashville for her last shot at a singing career and lands her in Memphis.

Dark, mysterious truck driver Will Brennan oozes sexuality and Cara finds herself drawn to him. He brings her to a higher level of sensual pleasure than she even imagined could be possible. As their relationship explodes into something real, she learns he has more than a few quirks-he sleeps by day and prowls by night.

At his home-a castle-nestled in a wooded area just outside Memphis, she learns just what his sweet love tattoos really mean and must decide if she wants another. Whether or not they find their happy ending is all up to Cara.



Love Tattoo is a very sweet romance story between a hero vampire and a heroine human. This is not an adventure or fast action read. This is about two meeting and falling in love, getting to know each other and accepting each other. There a lot of sexual tension and sex, but it’s on the less steamy side. Even though this is a short novella the author tells a lot about both Will and Cara so you get to know them. I enjoyed reading this love story and I recommend this to anyone who just wants a simple love story without complications.

I am either your worst nightmare or your salvation.” That voice purred like a happy cat on a comfortable lap. “My name is Will Brennan and it is a pleasure to meet you.”
He told his name so it seemed like I had to give him mine.
“I’m Cara Riley.” I stuck my hand out to him to shake but instead he took it in his then bent down over it to kiss it. Both his fingers and his lips felt cold to me but I figured it was just that hot summer morning. No one ever kissed my hand before, ever, and I liked it. Will did it with graceful, suave moves more suitable to a
nobleman at a royal court and not the truck driver I guessed he must be.


  1. Thanks for the review. This sounds like a story I would enjoy reading and I am adding it to my TBR.

  2. Great review! The book sounds really good - I'm adding it to my huge TBR pile :)


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