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Review of DARK OBSESSION by Suzanne Rock

DARK OBSESSION: Book Two of the Immortal Realms
Suzanne Rock
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN# 9781603106139         
Released March 1, 2011
Erotic Paranormal Romance
E-book, Novel
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Long ago Javier chose to walk away from one person that mattered most in his life. Now that he is free to once again roam the Earth, he becomes obsessed with making up for past mistakes. His mission is to gain Catherine’s vote on the Immortal Council, but when he sees her he realizes he wants much more than her support for the vampires. He wants her heart. When she disappears from the Immortal Council’s halls, he tracks her down, determined to get her to remember the past — and the love they once shared.

Catherine can’t let the passion she had with Javier rekindle again — no matter what the cost. Much has changed since he abandoned her so long ago. With the Immortal Council fragmented and her werewolf king abducted, Catherine has little patience for Javier’s empty promises. Still, Javier is persistent, and soon she sees the value in having an ancient vampire for an ally. A deal is struck: she will submit to his every carnal desire if she can gain his aid in finding her king. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and their erotic interludes ignite the passionate anger of Catherine’s only fey ally. Can the three of them put aside their obsessions long enough to free the tortured werewolf king? They must do it soon, for a dark presence looms on the horizon that threatens the stability of the Immortal Realm – and will force Catherine to choose between her clan and her heart.

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Javier left Catherine 200 years ago without a word.  Now he’s back and wanting to pick-up where they left off.  Only this time, Catherine isn’t the same young wolf Javier knew; she has done quite a bit of growing up since then.  She is on an undercover mission with the fey, Talen, to save both of their clans and the Were King Brac, who has been kidnapped by the Fey King, Feroas.  Javier could very well put their lives in danger.  Someone has been helping Feroas gain more magick and power.

Now he waltzed back into her life, expecting to pick up right where they had left off.  He should have known that things had changed.  Life wasn’t the same as when they were both young senators in Barcelona.  It was more complicated now and more dangerous.

I liked the premise of this story:  kidnapping, suspense, and subterfuge with the addition of a bit of ménage a trios (m/f/m = vamp/were/fey), m/m, and a bit of bondage.  However, when the characters kept referring to the Senate in Barcelona and the Immortal Council, I felt as if I was missing something important.  Maybe it was the back story of the Council and the history of Javier and Catherine.

The one ménage scene was puzzling.  I understand what and why Javier, Catherine and Talen participated, but it didn’t work for me.  The scenes between Catherine and Javier were hot and intense - those silken, heated ribbons Javier used…..well…..  The m/m went overboard with the cruelty involved.

Javier remembered the rumors he had heard back in Barcelona of the fey king’s sexual preferences.  Feroas dominated his servants in every way possible and that included sexually.  It didn’t matter whether they were male or female.  The tales of abuse and humiliation made Javier cringe.
King Feroas was using orgies, sex and violence, and the energies they produced to gain more and more power.  Feroas hunger for power is almost comical.

If you’re a Suzanne Rock fan and you enjoyed Book 1 of the Immortal Realms, I’m sure you’ll like this one.  For me, the promise of an impressive tale was lost in the tangle of brutality and magick, magick, magick. 

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