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Review of THROUGH TIME INDEFINITE by Catharina Shields

Catharina Shields
Publisher: Smashwords
Date: March 6, 2011
ISBN: 9781452465
Genre: Paranormal Romance, time travel
Author Request Review
Length: 112 pages
Catharina Shields Website

Siaylah (pronounced See-ay-lah) Valinski is a feisty time traveler with supernatural powers. She's sent on missions by the unseen Powers That Be to protect great, historical figures when events surrounding them threaten their premature demise.

After a mission in ancient Egypt, where she saves the life of one of ancient Egypt's most influential and greatest Pharaohs of all time, Ramses II, she's transported to an era she prefers the least: late 1800's America.

She's dropped right smack in the middle of the boudoir of a saloon's "Lady of the Night" where she meets Nicholas Alastair, a handsome, sexy gunfighter and incorrigible gambler. Things get complicated when he mistakenly believes she's the woman he has paid for to spend the night with.

Despite their first, then second, confusing and uncomfortable encounters, they learn the truth about destiny, the undying soul, the ever-changing fabric of time, and that the power of true love really does transcend all space and time.

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An entertaining tale of time travel with a wrinkle or two!

A gal, Siaylah, from 2005 is chosen by The Powers That Be (TPTB) to travel through time to ensure history’s prominent figures are kept out of harm’s way. The story opens with Siaylah in ancient Egypt protecting Ramses II. Once her task is completed there, TPTB snatch her up and deposits her in the American Wild, Wild West – circa late 1800’s. The period of time she despises most.

“No, no, no. I need my indoor plumbing! Even ancient Rome had indoor plumbing for chrissakes! I can’t LIVE without running water and indoor plumbing.”

Apparently, TPTB were asleep at the wheel this time; as Siaylah is still wearing the white tunic. They didn’t change her clothes from her days in ancient Egypt. And they didn’t “whisper” the knowledge she needed for the era. Enter Nick. Who believes Siaylah is the “professional lady” he has just bought and paid for. The misunderstanding that ensues between Siaylah and Nick lead to passion and a dangerous showdown.

TPTB never make an appearance or explain their actions. That wasn’t a problem as the story is well written. The sex scenes involving Nick and Siaylah are erotic as well as romantic. I really felt the connection between these two. One note though. At the beginning of the story, there is a scene between an Egyptian warrior and a harem girl that is somewhat coarse. Nonetheless, it plays an essential part in the tale. Nick is the consummate alpha cowboy. And don’t be dissuaded by the book cover. It is self-explanatory once you have read the tome. I really enjoyed reading THROUGH TIME INDEFINITE, and I look forward to what Ms. Shields will offer in the future as she continues to mature as an author.

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