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Vampire Vintage Book One: Belladonna in Hollywood
Alex Severin
Published March 3, 2011
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Paranormal Romance
E-book, Novel
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Belladonna knew her life was about to get even worse the day she had to throw Rosie off the Hollywood sign. What she sought was Golden Age glamour, fame, flashbulbs, and the man who played Dracula. What she got was Hollywood's underbelly – drugs, degenerates, phoneys, and a vampire with one hell of an attitude. Blood, Revenge, Gangsters, Vampires, Bela Lugosi & Guns.

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Wow - what a great story!  Vampire Noir!

Belladonna is a small town, backwoods girl whose dreams of Bela Lugosi lead her to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.  It doesn’t take Belladonna long to learn that fame and fortune is a fickle mistress.  And just when she is feeling hopeless, Vivant spies her.

Vivant was captivated by her.  The pink blush on her cheek, the soft, blood-red lips, and the scent of innocence that came off her skin was like expensive perfume to him, a rare and heady aroma.

Vivant - here is a Vampire worth loving, and well, maybe hating on occasion.  A rich, beautiful, talented, and egotistical immortal who thought “everybody should love him”.  Belladonna doesn’t fall at his feet in worship and the sparks start to fly.  The love/hate relationship of “Bells” and Vivant is explosive and carnal.  She is still captivated with Bela Lugosi and is more determined than ever to meet him.  When Bells’ brother, Cal, shows up in town looking for her, he falls in with the wrong crowd.  And things really start rockin’!

“Aren’t you going to apologize for vomiting on my shoes?  I’m not impressed,” he told Cal.
“You’re shoes?  You want me to apologize for ruining your shoes?”  
“Yes, Cal, that would be the civilized thing to do.” 
Cal looked at him with incredulity.  He’d just shot half his face off and wanted him to say he was sorry for spewing on his shoes.

Yes, it does contain a few bloody bits, but they don’t last very long, and I feel they are central to the storyline.   VAMPIRE VINTAGE BOOK ONE delivers a riveting tale of jealousy and vengeance, ending with a HFN.  If you need a change from the Vamp-du-jour, this will satisfy your appetite.  Be sure to read the Acknowledements and Glossary of Terms at the very end of the book.  I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

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