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Review The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval is rated T for teen

Way before I started reading and reviewing paranormal romance books I fell in love with The Sims 2. I still play The Sims 2 and 3 on the weekends and during the week if I get bored with a book and need to focus on something else for a while. 

The Sims has come out with a game for people would have like to have lived in medieval times and just wouldn't you know I just by happen to be one of them people LOL, so I just had to get this game. I hope you enjoy the review even though it's not a book. ~Laurie~


The Sims Medieval isn’t your ordinary The Sims pc fun free world. Oh no, this is an adventure that no Sims gamer should miss out on, especially if you have always wanted to live in Medieval times. At first I didn’t think I would like it, but the more I played the more I loved it. With The Sims Medieval being a quest game it more like World of Warcraft or Runescape, so if you loved these games you just may fall for this one. As for us normal Sims 2 and 3 pc gamers you may not fall for this game right off the bat. You have to pursue your quest, so that means you can’t do what you want with your Sims or your progress will suffer, there for your whole game suffers. So give it a little time before you stress out and give up. Luck for me I have a daughter that loves Runescape and Warcraft, so I got a little help with my quest or I might have quit. I like my Sims freedom *wink* lol.

I love the world the Sims creators have come up with and the kingdoms they give you a choice of, I like the Barbarian the best so far. You get to play each hero at different times, then sometimes you get to play two heroes at once, that one was really hard at first.

As of now I have all of my buildings and hero’s. I have to at least put my reading books down for two hours a day now to play. All of the quests I have played have been fun. Some quests are easy, then some are brain teasers, so be careful.

Tips below.
First tip: I am one that buys the game guides and usually never uses them. This game I defiantly had to get the guide in order to play and it was still hard to do some of the quest.

Second tip: You have to full your quest to get your buildings, so take you time and get you quest right as much as you can, there for you get your points for your other buildings.

Third tip: Not all heroes gets to hunt, but the ones that does make them hunt as quick as you can so you can get fuller faster. Or you can use your cheat and buy the food.

Forth tip: Have your wizard discover the plants and the rock piles I call them piles of poop it’s what they look like to me LOL. But really he/she needs them right off the bat and it will not make his or hers progress go down.

Fifth tip: Replace the stinking beds ASAP!! I hate to have my Sims sleep forever lolls.

Sixth tip: Watch out when you start or end your quest if you see a building icon turn green you can add that building right then. Then you can create or pick your character for that hero.

My gripes so far:
I hate the camera movement. I like The Sims 2 and 3 360 degrees turn around, there for I hate this camera that just goes side to side.

More clothes!! They don’t give you enough for my taste.

I wish they made each quest a little more explained. Example I was playing the spy and I has to make a potion of poison and make the Sims take it. I got the potion made no problem, but I had to freaking rack my brain to figure it out how to give it to the other Sims.

 This is a fantastic game that’s not to be missed.

Pictures I took of my medieval Sims

Here's how we pee in Medieval Sims LOL

Here's my spy Sims being placed in the stocks. I couldn't keep her out of trouble. She was in these stocks 5 times ugh lol. 
Spy Sims making poison

My spy Sims got sick, so you know how they done it then. OK doc I'm ready bring on the leaches LOL.

This is just a little bit of the fun I have been having. Now, go and buy The Sims Medieval, so you can join in the fun!!


  1. I used to play game oh so much!!! havent bought sims 3 yet but this looks cool

  2. That looks like so much fun! I'm a big fan of RPG type games and of the Sims, so this is a perfect mash-up of the two for me :) Thanks for a great review, I'm dying to check this out now.

  3. I am a Sims fan, but didn't know this was out. Sounds interesting to me. Thank you.

  4. Hey Laurie,
    Is there a moat they can swim in - skinny dipping?!?


  5. Artemis- I had someone else as me that. Nope no moat. That should have been listed as one of my gripes and no skinny dipping in this one either:( LOL

    J.L Jackson- Your welcome and I hope you have fun if you get this.

    Jamine-Thanks and it is very fun.

  6. Sweet! I've been playing The Sims games since the original (and the classics Sim City & Sim Farm, etc.) and they've always been my favorite. But since I've been blogging and playing World of Warcraft the past couple of years I just haven't had time for The Sims 'cause it's sooo easy to spend eight hours doing it and not realize more than an hour has gone by.

    But this sounds so fun! Thanks for the review Laurie, I think Amazon was having a special get $15 game credit if you buy this one the other day. Maybe I should go check it out. :)

  7. I was wondering how good this was! I bought The Sims 3 for PC but my computer is going to need a huge overhaul to keep up with it. Soooo I bought it for the Xbox 360. I'm hoping that EA decides to release The Sims Medieval for a console. It's so much easier to play that way!

  8. I am loving it so far! I love the money cheats too because decorating is something I love :) I agree some of the quests are very hard and do almost require the guide ;)


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