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Review: Smoke Jumpers (Storm Riders #2) By Crymsyn Hart

Smoke Jumpers (Storm Riders #2)
Crymsyn Hart

Paranormal Romance / M-M and M-F-M Erotica

One lick of flame will burn them all.

Callin and Alonzo are lovers and Storm Riders. One night, Callin saves Merin from a raging forest fire. Not able to resist the spark between them, he finds himself in her arms.

Alonzo walks in on Merin kissing Callin and drives her from the house. He forbids Callin to see her again. All the while, Callin is investigating rogue forest fires. Merin gets dragged to Alonzo’s shop by her best friend. He apologizes to her and invites her back to their place for dinner. At once, their mutual passion blazes between all three of them.

Meanwhile, their commander tells them to ditch Merin and for Callin to discover whose setting the unscheduled fires before the angels notice. If the angels get involved, all of them will be punished. What will happen between the three lovers?

Will Callin find whose lighting the infernos or will the angels get to it first?



Fantastic Read!

This fast and fun little read is one Hot Sexy Read. The elementals (horses) Blaze and Inferno along with their riders Alonzo and Callin in this story was based on controlling the fires. Alonzo and Callin have been together for a long time (M-M Erotic Scene is Hot) and have always had an open relationship but never got close to any human because the rule of being a rider was keeping it a secret from the humans.

However, on a stroll one night Callin ends up rescuing Merin from a forest fire and when he touches her, a desire and spark of fire ignites like a magnet that draws him towards her. The feelings he felt at her touch he tries to explain it to his lover Alonzo who doesn’t want to listen and Alonzo finds himself maybe a little jealous or protective and runs her off, but when Alonzo discovers her in his glass shop, he realizes he might have been a little harsh and decides to invite her out for dinner.

Things get a little heated up however when Merin shows up for dinner and the same magnetized spark ignites towards both of them. The story intensifies as Alonzo and Callin come to terms with their feelings for each other and Merin. To top it off, the riders master wants them to get rid of Merin because he knows what they do not know and why she has the spark of an elemental rider.

The HEA is totally awesome as Merin’s heritage is revealed and they all three come together in one SIZZLING HOT EROTICA scene (M-F-M).

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  1. Okay. I want to read this because for the mere fact that I don't really know who is who. I luv the fact that firefighters but not sure how the other stuff plays out. I'm sooo curious that I'll get the book to find out! *grins*

    Thanks Ronda!


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