Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Storm Riders (Storm Riders #1) by Crymsyn Hart

Storm Riders (Storm Riders #1)
crymsyn hart

Paranormal Romance / Erotica

George has been searching for a way to predict tornadoes that mimics her inherent ability. Her encounter with a handsome cowboy that drives away a twister has her stumped.

Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her even offering themselves to her for a wild, stormy night of passion. When their boss, Raul gets wind of this, he demands they cease all contact. Neither Wyatt nor Landon can stand to think she won’t be part of their lives. She’s turned their worlds upside down and each craves George’s touch.

Will Landon and Wyatt get to keep her? Or will Raul separate them forever?




Totally Awesome! HOT Erotica!

What a great start to a series. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, such a great fast and short 101 page read. The two Storm Riders in this story make me want to ride a cowboy and explode like a raging tornado. I loved the chemistry between the three characters Georgiana (human/new storm rider), Landon (Storm Rider), and Wyatt (Storm Rider) – It was electrifying! I also loved the elemental horses used by the Storm Riders, they had such great characteristic personalities. To top it off, the horse George is gifted with has a fabulous name “Hurricane”. It brings to mind a song called “Rock you like a Hurricane” by Scorpions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yP1tcy9a10). Not only does Hurricane the horse rock but Georgiana rocks both Landon and Wyatt’s World. I can’t wait to dive into the 2nd book in the series “Smoke Jumpers”.



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  2. Hot cowboys and storms sounds interesting! I don't think I've ever read a paranormal with cowboys before so this is a book I'll have to check out. Great review.

  3. sounds like a good one...loved the review..


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