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Authors "Take On" reviews Laura Hunsaker Day 6

Note:The event will not end on the 7th it will end on the 8th.

Today we have author Laura Hunsaker!

Is there something specific you look for in a review? If so what?

As a reader, if I look up a review, I like to see what made this book fantastic or awful, and why the reviewer didn’t like or love a certain part.  I like to see a bit of the plot, since sometimes the book blurbs either don’t do the book justice, or just don’t tell you much at all.

If you send your books to a book review blog is there something specific you look for when you’re looking at their blog?

I look to make sure it’s a good target audience for my book.  Like I’m not going to ask a Young Adult blogger to read my steamy Scottish Romace. I also look at how many followers that blog has.

What type of review do you like best: short or long?

I prefer somewhere in the middle.  There doesn’t have to be a summary, but maybe just what the likes were, what wowed the blogger about the book (or didn’t wow-yikes!) But a 2 page review makes me not read the review all the way through.

What do you think about spoilers in reviews?

I don’t mind them as long as they are marked, and as long as the book didn’t just release.  The day Shadowfever released, I avoided the internet like the plague.

Now let’s talk about rating systems. On a scale of 1-5 stars, what would be your opinion of the ratings? Starting with the lowest at one first.

1. I didn’t like it, the writing, the plot, nothing about it was for me
2. It was okay-maybe just not my style, wouldn’t recommend
3. It was good. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it, would recommend it to other readers, but I wouldn’t rave about it.
4. I really liked it, would tell everyone about it, definitely rave about it.
5. Fabulous! Loved it! I would totally re-read it!

What do you think about sexual ratings?  Some reviewers use them.

I like them, it helps especially when looking at erotic romance, or ménage stories, since I’d definitely like to know ahead of time instead of being shocked .

What do reviewers do that irks you the most?

If it was an ARC, or the author gave the reviewer the book, I’d like to see that somewhere. I don’t want it assumed I get my books all for free over at demonlovers. I’d say I purchase 95% of the books I review.
If you get an ARC of a book and it’s like 2 months before release date, I don’t want any big spoilers.

What do you think about awards given to books by a review blogger?

Do you mean like “This book got the steamiest love scene by bbpnr?” Or like those “you have an award on my blog” type things that bloggers give other bloggers?
I like the first-it could be really fun-like Dear Author’s and Smart Bitches’s stuff. I’d love to say something like “I got the 4 howls and Steamiest Love scene by BbPNR”
The second is nice, but has no reflection on the quality of the blog or the books

As readers/reviewers we love book giveaways. How do you feel about them?
I love doing giveaways, because as an author it can get your book out there faster, and to readers who maybe wouldn’t have otherwise read it. I also think that with ebooks being on the rise, they are awesome for blog contests, so it can be open internationally. So many in the UK and Australia miss out since it’s like $20 to mail a mass market paperback.

What would be your best piece of advice for a book blogger/reviewer?
Be honest. Be true to your blog.  If you primarily review sci fi or fantasy, don’t pick up a romance to review it specifically to trash it or call it non-quality literature. Same goes to romance reviewers, don’t grab a chick lit or sci fi just to trash it.  Always stand by your work. Book blogs have more weight in the blogosphere than some realize. 

 What’s the turnaround time expected when you give a reviewer a book to review?
Unless the author and the reviewer have a specific date in mind, I’d like to see within a couple of weeks.  I know we all have real lives, but if you accept a book from an author, that author expects a decent turnaround.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I love book review blogs. I spend waay too much time on my favorite book bloggers sites.  But I love when the reviews are posted on goodreads too. I’m a huge goodreads addict and I think seeing the reviews on goodreads with a link to the blog is always a great way to find new book blogs J
And I’d like to thank BittenbyParanormalRomance for having me on to share my two cents 

Where to find Laura Hunsaker and buy links

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  1. once again awesome info given out here. Dont enter me in the giveaway. I really liked Laura's rating system!

  2. Enjoyed your interview and thank you for thinking of readers in the UK. Mostly the only way I can get hold of books that I want from US authors I am interested in like yourself is ebooks and my kindle.

  3. Thanks JeepDiva! I think Laurie has a great idea getting several authors to answer the same many different perspectives!
    You're right:awesome info this week :)

    Hi Irene! thanks for commenting, and good luck in the contest :) I love the convenience of ebooks too-I'm very much an "I want it now!" personality so ebooks satisfy me with how quickly I can get them!

  4. Wandering over from Goodreads to check out your interview. I've enjoyed hearing from all the authors! Thanks for the contest.

    Jen at Red Hot Books

  5. Great interview ladies! Don't enter me for Laurie's fabulous novel, I just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!" XOXO

  6. I really enjoyed the interview. My one complaint, the color of the type was hard to read on the black background. I have always wondered what authors think of all the review sites on the web. This series has been so informative. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Hi Crystal! thanks for saying it's fabulous :D

    Jen B. wasn't this a cool idea?

  8. Hey Laura! I'm a little late today but you know I needed to come by and show you my love! I'm glad to have your take on reviews. Something to keep in mind when I start my highlander binge. HD is the first on the TBR list. I know I'll love it!

  9. thanks Meg! I can't wait for your Highlander Binge! lol

  10. I love anything Highlander! You are a new author to me and I'm so glad you stopped here today! I liked your rating system as I sometimes have a hard time deciding how many stars to give to books I like. Please enter me in your give-a-way!
    Linda T., USA

  11. That was great, thanks for sharing Laura ;)
    I LOVED your book - Connor still haunts my dreams... lol

  12. Thanks Lindalou :) From what I hear tell, my Highlander hero Connor is quite the broody hunk ;P
    good luck in the the contest

    Kiki, you are awesomesauce! lol I'm glad he haunts your dreams! lol

  13. This is a wonderful idea. As a blogger, I often wonder what authors think of our reviews and sites. It's great to be able to learn what is really expected and what the proper etiquette is!


  14. Hi,

    Laura's a new to me author. Enjoyed the interview.

  15. Not only was it a wonderful experience to get to read a copy of Highland Destiny Laura it is really nice to have met you online and I thank you both for the e-arc and the input about eye surgery...
    I am of course not entering the giveaway just wanted to say Hello and let Laurie know that thanks to her share buttons the link is now tweeted for this post!

  16. Stephanie-I've been reading all of the other authors' takes as well, and you're right. It's such a unique chance to see what authors think.

    Hi Anne! Thank you :)

    Jackie-WOW! Thank you so much!

  17. I love your scale, that is totally how I feel. yes I do like 3s and sure I would read more, but no I would not rave like crazy as I do with 4s ;)


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