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Authors " Take On" Reviews Lori Witt

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Today we have author Lori Witt!

Is there something specific you look for in a review? If so what?

As a writer, obviously I look for positive things. Hey, I’m human.  But I also look at the negatives and try to keep their comments in mind for future books. One reviewer pointed out that I’d used a particular facial expression too much, and she was right, so I’ve been careful to curtail it since then.  I’ll usually read a review first in search of negatives, then I’ll go back over in search of positives to soften the blow (I know, I’m pathetic), and finally I’ll read the negatives again with a more objective eye so I can, as mentioned above, use them constructively toward future books.  It’s certainly not up to the reviewer to tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it, but I can usually gain at least some insight from their review so I can avoid making the same mistake again.

If you send your books to a book review blog is there something specific you look for when you’re looking at their blog?

 I generally don’t send my own books, but if I were to do so, I’d look for balance.  If it’s nothing but scathing negative or glowing positive reviews, I’m hesitant to send anything. But if there’s a fairly good balance – not every book is an extreme negative or extreme positive – then I’m inclined to send books as well as use the reviews to decide if I want to purchase a book myself.

What type of review do you like best: short or long?
Depends on the review.  If it takes a long review to say it, fine. If it takes a short one, fine.

What do you think about spoilers in reviews?
As both a reader and an author,  spoilers irritate me unless there’s a warning. One reviewer very kindly e-mailed me prior to posting a review and asked if it was okay for her to disclose certain tidbits.  I appreciated her consideration very much.

Now let’s talk about rating systems. On a scale of 1-5 stars, what would be your opinion of the ratings? Starting with the lowest at one first.
Honestly, I can only think of two or three rating systems off hand. Whether it’s five stars, five seashells, five turkey claws, whatever, they all basically boil down to the same thing.  My favorite is the letter grade type of rating…for whatever reason, a B- or C+ rating works better for me than, say a 3.5 star rating.  The most important thing for me, though, is consistency and if the rating matches the review.  If it’s a scathing review followed by a 3-star rating, I’m left scratching my head.  If it’s a glowing review heaping praise on everything right down to the dedication page, but the rating is a C+, I’m not sure what to think.  Or if one book gets a tepid review and 3-stars, while another gets a much stronger review and only 3.5 stars, I’m a bit puzzled.   So…as long as they’re consistent and match the reviews, I don’t really have a preference about what kind of system they use.

What do you think about sexual ratings?  Some reviewers use them.
 I don’t mind them. I think different readers have different tastes when it comes to sexual content, and quite frankly, bad sex can ruin an otherwise good book. So, I do like the fact that some reviewers will comment on and rate the sexual content specifically. 

What do reviewers do that irks you the most?
 Nothing in particular. I don’t necessarily agree with every reviewer out there, whether they’re commenting on my book or someone else’s, but I don’t have any pet peeves or anything per se when it comes to reviewers. I just like the fact that they take the time to read our books and provide reviews.

What do you think about awards given to books by a review blogger?
I think they’re great.  Hey, I’m not above things that give me warm fuzzies.

As readers/reviewers we love book giveaways. How do you feel about them?
 I love them! Hey, I like a free book now and again myself as a reader, and as an author, it’s a way to get my name out there. So, no complaints from either side.

What would be your best piece of advice for a book blogger/reviewer?
Be honest.

 What’s the turnaround time expected when you give a reviewer a book to review?
Don’t really have an answer here, since I don’t usually submit them myself. J

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I think it’s sometimes hard for us as authors to be objective about reviews, but it’s something we have to learn to do. I’ve heard many authors lash out at reviewers for ripping into books without offering constructive criticism, which I think misses the point of what a reviewer is there to do. They’re not offering us critiques. It’s a product review for the potential consumer, not feedback for the manufacturer. A customer wouldn’t pull punches if they bought a faulty blender, and I fully expect a reviewer to tell me, as a potential consumer, if a product isn’t up to snuff. As the manufacturer of the faulty blender, it may not always be easy to read reviews like that, but once the sting is gone, there’s really only one thing to do:  Sit down, shut up, and build a better blender.

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  1. Good thoughts! Thanks for your input. :)


  2. You are a new author for me, but after reading the blurb about Light Switch, I'm definitely interested in your writing. I just recently got into the m/m/f genre. I didn't think I would like it, because I typically like my Hero's to be monogamous, but HOLY COW menages are fun to read. I can look past the "Third Wheel".

    I'd like to be entered in the giveaway please :D

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  3. Great interview, Lori! And I'm with you on the rating system--it's got to match the overall content of the review. :)

  4. Great interview! I'm really enjoying these author's takes on reviews!

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  5. I posted earlier but it never showed up. I am really enjoying this series. Thanks so much for look into authors perspectives on reviews.

  6. Thanks for having me! Glad y'all enjoyed it!

    @Jess - Menage books are a lot of fun. It's challenging to avoid the third wheel aspect, but it definitely can be done. I hope you enjoy Light Switch!


  7. Great interview and a learning experience too. I love book, and stories that make you think and feel something for the characters, and most authors that I've chosen lately are pretty awesome. I don't get a book solely based on a review, but by other readers. If a reviewer is constantly banging one author after another, then I just pass right on the reviewer and read it anyway.
    Thank you for the insight, and for the contest!



  8. Hi Lori,
    Great job on the interview. Reviews, reviewers, and review sites are getting a lot of attention everywhere this week...and while I enjoy a great review, I also take them in stride, because in the end, reviews are forgotten almost immediately as new reviews are made available.

    Wishing you much success.

    Rie McGaha

  9. I always wondered what it was like to see critical reviews of your books and your tehnique to soften the blow, while complex, is probably good. I'd love to read some of your books.


  10. I really enjoyed this interview, it was very informative for a blogger. I barely ever give a bad review but with that being said I rarely read a bad book lol


  11. I appreciate that you, as an author, are interested in balanced review sites. I hate sites that are really promotion sites in disguise. Everything gets a 4 or 5 star review. (Like that Harriet K. on Amazon, she just restates the blurb most of the time, #1 reviewer my patootie.)

  12. Really liked your answers, Lori. For an auto-buy author, I tend to pass on review sites until after I've read the story. Favorite review sites don't give away too much of the storyline and give me ratings that match the written review.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  13. Great interview, Lori. I also appreciate reviews which are specific about what worked for the reviewer and what didn't. Those are helpful regardless of how many stars the book earned.

  14. l totally agree, l like blogs with both positive and negative reviews so l know they are telling it how it is.
    Thanks for joining in + giveaway
    booksforcompany @

  15. Thanks everyone for stopping in and commenting! :) Sorry I didn't reply sooner -- haven't been able to access this page for some reason. But thanks again!



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