Sunday, May 1, 2011

Giveaways for the Authors "Take On" reviews event.

This post is for information on the giveaways for the Author "Take On reviews event. You can't comment here you have to comment on the author interview. I wanted to have a post so everyone know what I am giving away for this event. This is not what the authors are giving away.

*Each day there's a swag giveaway, one lucky random commenter will win.

 *The new books below are for special commenter's, look below for details. 

* Open for US and international unless the author states other wise on their giveaway.

* You have to be a follower to enter the giveaways.

List of authors attending
Kate Douglas 1st

Anitra Lynn McLeod 2nd

Tina Folsom 3rd
Diane Whiteside 4th
Lori Witt 5th
Laura Hunsaker 6th
Stacey Kennedy 7th
Keta Diablo 8th

Listed below: I have some autographed swag daily giveaways. The swag giveaways will go to one random commenter of that day on that authors post (listed above). Each giveaway has at least one item autographed some have more item autographed.









The books blow are for top commenter's etc.

* Nina Bangs Eternal Pray: This will go to the second top commenter of the week

*Kate MacAlister: A Girls Guide to Vampires will go to the top commenter of the week.

*Marjorie M. Liu In the Dark of Dreams: will go to the person that is picked as best comment of the week. 

*Nina Bangs Eternal Cravings: will go to the best question to an author. 

I may add more as the week progresses. Just depends on how may participate.