Sunday, May 29, 2011

New blood book blogger on the block interview

This month I have with us  Madame D's Boudoir . So, please give her a warm welcome and check out her review blog. It may become your next favorite blog.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hmm... I'm 27, married to the first man I ever went out with, we have a four year old son, and live in a small town called Derry in Northern Ireland. I LOVE to read, and have recently tried my hand at writing my own saucy tales. When not having my nose stuck in a book, or my mind in the gutter, I work in the local Psych ward - believe it or not I'm a psychiatric nurse, very responsible. I met my best friend on-line and love her very much - she's as crazy as I am. LOL. Isn't that right Sue? *wink*

How long have you been reading? What’s your favorite genre?

I didn't take an interest in reading until I was about 15. I got a free book, The Secret Vampire by L.J Smith, in one of my magazines and fell in love with the characters in it. But my obsession with reading didn't start until about three years ago when I discovered the amazing Felicity Heaton and fell in love with her Nicholas from Eternal Kiss. I love her Vampires Realm series and I'm totally head-over-heels about her Winter - or should I say MY Winter. LOL. So as you can guess I'm a fan of Paranormal Romance. I'm also a huge fan of Historical Romance, all those Warriors of Old, Highlander in particular. I mean, who can resist a sword wielding hunk in a skirt. I for one can not. Mmm... just thinking about muscly man-thighs makes me melt *cough* Sorry!! LOL.

When and why did you start doing book reviews?

I only started up my blog in November last year, and started reviewing books around the same time. A friend of mine introduced me to Goodreads that September, and as I reviewed my books and started to get positive feedback she encouraged me to start up the blog. And that was that. I started making friends with some amazing women and they gave me their books to read and review, and now I'm addicted. But it's all for fun.

How long have you been reviewing books?

Like I was saying, I only started in November time last year and I'm totally addicted now. LOL. Hopefully mes petits cheris enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. *wink*
Do you take notes for your reviews while you read?
Of course!! I have a head like a damn sieve. If I don’t take notes I'll forget all the important stuff that will lure my followers in and get them to read all these amazing books. LOL.

Why did you start a book blog?

A friend of mine had one and I thought it was pretty cool. She encouraged me start my own and introduced me to several of her author friends, ladies who I love and stalk relentlessly now. LOL. I didn't really want to do it at first, but once I got hooked on the reading and people took an interest in my reviews I thought why not. And like I said before, I'm addicted now.

How long does it usually take you to read and write a review for your blog?

Ohh... it all depends on the book I'm reading. Usually I'll have a book finished in a day, but at times if the book is a little slow it can take me two or three days to read it. I read a book a while back and it took me nearly a week to finish it. But regardless of how long it takes me to read it I always have the review posted the day after. Unless it's an ARC and the author asks me to wait closer to the release date to post it.

What’s the hardest thing you had to do in setting up your blog?

Hmm... It took me a while to get used to everything - organizing the layout, posting things properly, thinking of ways to gain followers and have people love me. LOL. Since then I have started doing a few bookish memes, getting involved in blog hops and tours, doing author interviews and giveaways ect... so things are easier for me now. All I have to do now is make people love me. *wink* LOL.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you since your started your blog?

Being asked to do this interview. *blushes* I'm so used to seeing author interviews on other blogs that when you asked me to participate I felt all special. Aww... LOL. But I do get excited every time I asked an author I love or one of my Girl Crushes - they know who they are - to do an interview or giveaway and they agree without hesitation. It makes my day. I love it that they take time out participate, makes me love them all the more.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your blog?

Author interviews, I love chatting to all those amazing women. An more recently the hunky male models who we see on the covers of our favorite sexy books. I have an interview with one such hunk coming up this month, so stay tuned. *wink*

Any tips, for a new upcoming book blogger?

Just have fun!! Don't stress out trying to create the perfect blog, just give it time and it will take shape eventually. Great things weren't built in a day and all that. Just enjoy your books, write your reviews, and the rest will come in time. *wink*

What are the most books you read in a week?

I once read ten books within a week. They were all by the amazing Kallysten. My #1 Girl Crush - I love you Kally *wink* LOL. I read her On The Edge andDemons Age series when she was my 'Author of the Month.' Most of them were short reads, but I'm still proud of myself for devouring that many books in the one week.

Quick questions
Spoilers or no spoilers? - No Spoilers.
Author interviews or guest post? - Author Interview.
Long reviews or short reviews? - Long reviews (I'm guilty of these. LOL).
Kindle or Sony -reader? - Sony!! I love mine.
Paperback or PDF? - Paperback.


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