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Review Bastian by Elizabeth Amber

Author:  Elizabeth Amber
Source: Requested review
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Length: Novel
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Man-gods born to live and love forever, the Lords of Satyr are renowned for their sexual prowess. . .and unquenchable lust. . .
Call My Name
The forum excavations in Rome go on, directed by the iron-willed, charismatic Lord Bastian Satyr. Out of nowhere, a mysterious, haunting voice calls out to him. . .and lures him to the site of a long-vanished temple, where vestal virgins once performed rites of erotic surrender. The temple is the find of his career, but his heart is about to face the unknown. . .
Michaela is a pure Ephemeral. She can enter the bodies of others—and become any woman a man might wish to possess. His choice is her pleasure. And the commanding and utterly virile Bastian is the only man she desires. . .



Bastian is number sex in The Lords of Satyr. I have always wanted to try this series, so when the author requested this book I jumped right on it and waited by my mailbox… I was kind of leery reading this one because Elizabeth told me up front there was some f/f I am so not a fan, nor a m/m fan and there was both. When I started reading and found the f/f at the first of the book I just didn’t like it and I almost gave up right then, but I was very intrigued with the heroine Silvia and just how she was going to end up with Bastian because her best friend at this time has him. So, I told myself to keep going. When I got almost to the middle I was so hooked, mostly because the author has a imagination and her world she has created is just fantastic, plus she put it on paper really well. The way she came about Silvia being an Ephemeral was wonderful and you could really read her pain and sorrow at times. Bastian may have a hard time finding love, but when he finds it he will stop at nothing to keep it. Bastian was very easy to fall for especially when Silvia comes up missing;-)

I found the f/f brief and the few parts can be skipped. The m/m scene, well she is sharing a man’s body so it wasn’t too bad, but it can be skipped too if it’s not your taste, but I would suggest you not miss it even if you’re not into the m/m. Why? Because you’ll be missing out on how much Bastian really loves Silvia. Of course, you’ll find anal, mention of spanking and some rough sex at times. I really didn't fancy the sex in most of the book, but the story is very compelling and so well written I had to give it a 4. Note this is an erotic, but it’s not chucked full with sex as most erotic books, so you get a great storyline.

With this being the sixth book in the series I never felt like I was missing anything in the story by not reading the first five. I am very happy that I tried this book, so please check this book out, you just might find yourself not putting it down.


  1. I finally picked up the first book in this series. I love the covers but really it is that the storyline appears to be solid!

  2. So cool that you don't need to read these books in order. That was something I was wondering about. Great review!


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