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Review Blessed by Ann Mayburn

Title: Blessed (Chosen by the Gods #1)
Author: Ann Mayburn
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 158 pgs
Release Date: May 2, 2011
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Blessed Book Cover

Eliana Shay is an ordinary college girl with an extraordinary birthright. Handsome professor, Aiden Klemenson, singles her out as a potential Chosen of the benevolent gods of Creation. He tries to convince Eliana that she is born to do the work of the gods, but her upbringing hasn’t given her much trust in religion or having a magical destiny. The daughter of atheists, she has been raised to believe that faith in gods is for the foolish and weak.

Aiden must employ all of his considerable charm to break through her defenses, while trying to keep their relationship strictly platonic. A difficult task when the lush and curvy co-ed's obvious desire and seductive aura shreds his self-control. Despite his best efforts, desire burns between them with an enchantment all its own.

The gods of Destruction will stop at nothing to keep Eliana from becoming a powerful force against evil. Cunning and deceitful, they send demons and magical serial killers to exterminate her before she can become a Creation god's Chosen hand on earth. In order to survive, Eliana will have to learn to have faith in her own strength and Aiden's love.

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Rating -
a pack howl

Sexual -

My Review:

This is the first in Mayburn's new Chosen By The Gods series. A little slow to start out but it revs up nicely to be a sexy paranormal romance. While not your typical "monsters" tale, it features the Chosen, humans who are selected by the various gods of Creation and Destruction and enhanced to serve their gods' needs in the human realm and in the war of good versus evil. It has a good story line with many possibilities for future books in the series.

The female lead, Eliana, is a 20 yr old college junior at a university where magic is also taught which is new to her since she grew up and lived in a "dry" or magic and religion free town.

Aiden, the gorgeous male lead, is the youngest High Priest of Oden in the country who just received his doctorate last year and is one of Eliana's professors.

Things heat up and sparks fly when Aiden first sees Eliana in his class and is tasked by Odin with mentoring Eliana who is totally out of her element since her parents are atheists. On a scale of 1-4 on the sexy scale this is a 2.5 with a very sensual pond scene and then some "getting busy" up against a Hummer.

While the ending was a little abrupt and the story left many unexplored relationships and situations, it left me wanting more, to know what comes next, to explore the possible relationships and problems hinted at - all in a good way. With a lot more "meat" this could make a nice basis for full length print novel. Can't wait to read her sequel, "Dance of the Gods", coming soon.


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