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Review He Belongs to Me by Nya Rayne

Title: He Belongs to Me
Author: Nya Rayne
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Futuristic SciFi Romance
Format: eBook, 249 pgs
Release Date: April 8, 2011
Publisher Website

A futuristic gift teaches two about love.

At 28, Phia is alone and looking for a fulfilling relationship. Living in a female-run world where romance is a manufactured fantasy and love is noting more than a long forgotten fairytale, she is content to spend her life without a companion.

Until Donte.

Is an android capable of love? The sort that Phia is searching for? Or does the cosmos have something else in store for Phia?

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Rating -
a small howl

Sexual -

My Review:

In the year 2110 after the 31 year war, men are mostly extinct. There are thought to be only 300 left in the country. With women now outnumbering men at more than 1000:1, what's a gal to do? Enter Personomales. And, of course a government conspiracy.

Phia is thoroughly embarassed by the gift her mother has given her - a "gift card" for the personomale of her own. She doesn't want a "toy", she wants a real man, a real and unpredictable love. In this time where many have turned to their own sex for love and companionship, Phia is a hold out. But on the last day the "gift card" is valid, her mother calls and nags her to not waste the 500,000 credits. Phia relents if only to shut her mother up. Phia, even though she is 28, tends to act like a 16 yr old.

There is something different about Donté. He's not like the others. He seems to have lost his memory and is feeling quite lost in Phia's world. "When it came to her, Donté knew exactly what to do, how to react, how to touch her, and what to say. Yet when it came to the outside world, he was like a child seeing all its glory for the first time." And my goodness does he have a cure for a headache!

The plot seems familiar to me, maybe an old Twilight Zone, Once Step Beyond, Night Gallery or Tales From the Dark Side episode. Rayne's story is better.

There is a torture scene with an young intern, Tawny, that I feel could have been left out and just alluded to since it is whispered/talked about several times later. It just doesn't add anything to the story and actually seems to interrupt the story where it is placed.

Conversely, I feel the scenes where Donté is a Nurturer should have been expanded upon and given more treatment as it is very important to the overall story.

While Rayne's sex scenes are steamy, she needs to refresh her anatomy knowledge. There is a sexy scene that takes place on the back of a train. So if you are looking for a sexy, male-bashing but male-using, futuristic story, this is a nice little story.



  1. It's good that you put it all out there like that! Thanks for the review!

  2. Aw, I love futuristic sci fi romance. Thanks for the honest review. Im always looking for something new & interesting to try.


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