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Review Kane By Eliza Gayle

Title: Kane (Black Cougar #2)
Author: Eliza Gayle
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance - Shifters
Format: eBook, 233 pgs
Release Date: April 2010
Author Website

Kane Book Cover

Kane Gunn is beyond frustrated. He has a kill order to fulfill and after weeks of chasing his quarry he's boiling over with tension. Then he catches the woman who's become his obsession and Kane becomes consumed by a desire that overwhelms everything...including his quest for justice.

Lara is determined to seek revenge against the were-cougar guardians. Consequences don't matter and distraction isn't an option. Until she finds herself face to face with the pair of green eyes that have been haunting her day and night. Time is of the essence as the tables are turned and a tenuous truce is formed.

In the face of passion enemies become lovers, tempting fate, testing trust, and satisfying an undeniable need. Lies and secrets. Corruption and Revenge. Choices that change lives. Don't miss the revelation...of Kane.

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Rating -
one good howl

Sexual -
Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

My Review:

What happens when you discover unbridled lust for someone you hate and who tried to kill your brother? The second book in Gayle's Black cougar series. The subject of our hero's desire is the female antagonist from the first book in the series. One of the unanswered questions from the first book is answered here.

The basic story premise is a good one. At 233 double-spaced pages, this is another fast read. There is betrayal by a friend, shocking revelations and sex (an interesting shower scene, couple of outdoor scenes, a Jacuzzi tub scene and a quick somewhat unclear anal scene) with a little bit of reluctant, unconventional romance thrown in. While not as sensually hot as the first book, there is alot of chemistry going on.

Kane, the main lead, is the easy going brother forced into being the clan enforcer and guardian when his brother is banished from the clan for at least a year for mating outside the clan. While he kills when necessary, he doesn't like to.

Lara, the female lead, is a real hard witch and it is difficult to call her the heroine. Agressive, strong-willed and apparently evil, she comes off as nasty and willing to do anything to get revenge. She has been molded from an early teenager to hate and get revenge so it is very hard to be sympathetic or like her when she shows a little weakness and humanity. Kane eventually and affectionally describes her as having "wicked dark side and a knack for creating havoc". Gayle is very successful in creating a character that is very easy to not like. You would think this would hurt the story but it really doesn't - it works well.

While I did enjoy the story, there is so much foreshadowing throughout the story that it is very easy to figure out the secrets, and there are several, only some of which are unveiled by the end. Less than half way through the book I had already figured out what was supposed to be subtly alluded to. There was also a small continuity issue.

If this and the first book were interweaved together into a single book, both stories would have reaped great benefits and made for a potentially 4 or 5 star full length novel.

The story ends on a cliffhanger which hopefully is answered in the next book in the series. One wonders since there are three brothers and no other real characters developed partially or fully, if this will end up being a trilogy instead of a series.


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