Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review The Madame of Gravestone by Misty Burke

Title: The Madame of Gravestone (The Corset Chronicles, #1)
Author: Misty Burke
Source: Requested review
Genre- Steam-punk romance
Length: Novella
Authors website

Tripp Monroe is on an easy assignment, photographing the Kansas City Steampunk Ball. Attendees dressed in costume, playing with mechanical gizmos, surround him and he’s bored out of his mind. Until…until he’s thrust into a world he’d never imagined. Into a world where the Civil War ended without a winner. Where the North walked away and the South formed their own crippled country. And the West? Well, they pulled away from both sides and created Westland. A rough and tumble country, complete with an evil King. Before long, Tripp finds himself mixed up with a traitorous band of women looking to overthrow a king. And, of course, the delectable Emma, leader and Madame of Gravestone, needs him for her plan to work. But, could she want him for more?


Madame of Gravestone was very fun to read. Step back into a different time and find a woman that lives a traitorous life, who meets a man from a different time to help her with her adventure in overthrowing the king. You’ll find some twist and turns in the story and some hot sex along the way. I had a hard time getting into the first of the book, but over all it was a very nice read.I am looking forward to the next Corset adventure.

The clicking of a gun made him turn toward his left. A woman in burlesque attire had a long barreled pistol pointed at his face. “State your business, or a hot piece of lead is going to split your head in two.


  1. Hey Laurie, for some reason I can't read your review. The writing is too dark against the black backround. The only part I could read was the quote. I can read everything else just fine, FYI.

  2. Radzsm- Thanks for letting me know. I have no clue why my reviews are turning out this color. Its been doing it for a week now ugh.. I figure it out on day.


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