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Review of SWEPT AWAY BY A KISS by Katharine Ashe

SWEPT AWAY BY A KISS, Rogues of the Sea #1
Katharine Ashe
Publisher: Avon
August 1, 2010
ISBN # 9780061965623
Historical Romance
I borrowed this from my local library
Paperback, 382 pages
Katharine Ashe Website


When pirates storm Viscount Steven Ashford's ship upon the high seas, it brings him closer than ever to the nefarious criminal he seeks to ruin. Only one seductive detail threatens his victory: the scandalous beauty imprisoned with him, Lady Valerie Monroe. Temptation has never been so intoxicating or so forbidden, for Steven is disguised as a French priest. If they make it off the ship alive, to protect her from his enemies he must never see her again ...


Back in England, and under the ton's scrutiny for a reckless past she hasn't escaped, Valerie dreams of the breathtaking "man of the cloth" with whom she shared her greatest adventure. Then he reappears in society under his true identity, Viscount Ashford, but, despite the danger, their consuming passion cannot be denied. Now standing in the way of their desire are Valerie's wounded heart, Steven's lone destiny, and a villain who will stop at nothing to crush them both.

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Ms. Ashe has written a romance of epic proportions with her debut novel, SWEPT AWAY BY A KISS. She has gained another loyal fanatic follower with her story of Steven and Valerie. I knew I would be swept away by the time I read the first 25 pages. Ms. Ashe’s voice sang to me like a choir of angels.

Valerie is a fearless heroine. Yet she doubts any man could love her. Steven *sigh* is a swashbuckling but gallant popinjay. Because of Steven’s mixed heritage, he feels he will never be a part of polite society.

The story opens with Valerie returning home to England after a two year stay in Boston. She had been shipped off to America because of her scandalous ways. Before the ship gets underway, she spies a Jesuit priest.

Valerie narrowed her eyes against the gathering dusk. Her girlish imagination had once conjured up a mysterious figure just like this, a man of privilege and power who nevertheless bore a heathen’s heart past redemption.

But Valerie was no longer a girl, and the sight of this very real Jesuit’s broad shoulders stretching his mantle taut stirred in her an entirely womanly appreciation.

The journey of Valerie and Steven is magnificent. It takes you from the peril of the high seas to the intrigue of the parlors of the ton. Their passion sizzles as they deny and succumb to their desires. A few of the scenes are so hot, you will feel yourself melting! Ms. Ashe has written beautiful, longing lust. All of this and more while being entangled with pirates, Ladies and Lords, secret identities, and mistruths during the Christmas season.

SWEPT AWAY BY A KISS is reminiscent of one of my favorite movies, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL. Be sure to read the Author’s Note at the end of the book. You will find the information invaluable. As for me, this is surely a keeper. I’m off to the bookstore: CAPTURED BY A ROGUE LORD made its debut on March 29, and I have two books that I need to add to my library! Oh yeah – cover alert with Paul Marron!


  1. I love me some High Seas intrigue! I love Historicals and it has been awhile since I have seen one set in the high seas setting. I will be picking this one up! Great Review Cynthia!

  2. This book was sooo good! You won't be disappointed Ladies!

  3. Great review! I love Katharine Ashe!


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