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Review of An Unholy Embrace by CJ England

Title: An Unholy Embrace
Author: CJ England
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Vampire
Format: ebook - 48 pages
Release Date: 10/4/2007
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Sebastian is an ancient vampire who has lived in the forest for centuries living off the blood of any unwary villager who happens to cross his path.

Teran has grown up in the shadow of the great forest, unwanted and unloved. When she comes of age and her loveliness sparks the interest of the men in town, her life becomes even harder.

When the vampire rescues her from a near rape, he finds himself enthralled with her beauty and her quiet courage. Teran falls in love with the brooding stranger, but when he breaks his word and steals her mind, she runs from him.
But Sebastian can't forget her and vows to win her back. Will Teran forgive him? Will they have a chance at eternity forever?


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My Review -

This is a short, sweet read about Tehran, a young woman who feels alone and unloved on the world and Sebastian, a vampire who in his 400 plus years of "living" has never known what it is to love a woman until now.

Tehran literally crashes in Sebastian one night as she tries to escape a mob of men who want to plunder her body. What occurs next for the two of them is an unknown force that draws them together despite the fact that they have just met. However, because of a sense of betrayal Tehran resists what her heart tells her and flees from Sebastian while he struggles to win her heart.

I truly enjoyed this book as I feel the deep passion that Sebastian felt for Tehran. There is one scene in particular where Sebastian is on his front porch and he willing endures the sun's rays to in order to follow Tehran. That scene broke my heart and made my heart ache for his pain. The way the author describes Sebastian (mouth-watering) and that scene will make the reader want to scream at Tehran and smack her for being such a fool.

While I would have preferred the sex scenes to be more descriptive, the author did a marvelous job creating some very passionate and hot scenes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a paranormal romance story with a passionate, brooding vampire who knows how to make you melt with his undead love.



  1. Great review...I'm going to have to check this one out!

  2. Here, Here!!

    I love a great paranormal romance story with a passionate, brooding vampire who knows how to make me melt with his undead love.


    Fantastic review!!


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