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Title: The Vessel (The Kingdom Series -1)
Author: Amanda Rose
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: ebook - 53,000 Words
Release Date: 10/2010
Author's Website

Tortured and ruined for all women who cross his path, he still remains the most infamous seducer in a world filled with magic and creatures of myth. His one dream? To destroy the kingdom that took everything he ever cared for.

Abigail is everything a man could ask for. She’s sweet and charming, with a little bit of New York flair. She soon realizes her love for a gorgeous prince is the worst decision of her life, and she spirals to new levels of depression. After her kidnapping, it seems her fate is doomed, but she cannot fight the feelings that lurk beneath her conscience. This tortured man who stands before her, offers freedom like she has never felt with another. But will it be enough to erase her past?

Trauco’s love goes no further than the women from which he steals. That is, until he sets his heart on the wrong kind of target. Will he finally fall like the others and take on a vessel, or will his battle for vengeance continue?



My Review

I think the author came up with a very creative storyline that I hadn’t seen before which I think is very challenging to do. There was also a lot going on in this story even though it was short. It was a little confusing at first because it was told in flashbacks for a little bit. After that, the story flowed a little smoother. I had a hard time liking the heroine, Abby. I didn’t understand how she could just leave her family to be with Derek. I also didn’t really feel like I got to know her very well. I would like to see more extended dialogue since that’s always my favorite part of a story. I did like Trauco and enjoyed watching him fall in love.

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