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Review The Shifters of 2040 by Ami Blackwelder

Title: The Shifters of 2040 (Shifter Evolutions #3)
Author: Ami Blackwelder
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Sci-Fi
Format: Paperback, 315 pages
Release Date: October 29, 2010
Author Website

Shifters of 2040 Book Cover

America 2040.
Three Species. Divided Lovers. The Race is on for Planet Earth.

Summary: Set in Alaska in 2040, Melissa Marn and Bruce Wilder must work under the iron fist of the SCM, while still trying to maintain humanity. Discovering a world of shifters and hybrids, the scientists must struggle with human prejudice and betrayal. With the original ancestors, dubbed shifters, still living on earth, humans are in the midst of a fifteen year old war. As the eldest hybrids, Unseen and Diamond, learn about humans the hard way, with the loss of loved ones and sacrifices, love on planet earth proves challenging.

With underlining themes of how prejudice breaks human connections and animal/wildlife conservation, this novel which has received rave reviews will leave the reader flipping through the pages.

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My Review:

This is the third in the Shifter Evolutions paranormal futuristic sci-fi series. While each book can be read separately or in series order, the author suggests starting with this book because it has the most information about the shifter and hybrid race. The other books take place either in the past or the future. Blackwelder does a very good job of providing an overall glossary/encyclopedic overview of the shifter race before the story begins.

This is a heart-wrenching story about what happens when aliens land and start to interact with humans and of course the military gets involved. In typical "shoot first ask questions later" fashion the military have decimated the alien population. Unbeknownst to the military, the shifter males have impregnated human females for the past 20 years so there are now hybrid shifters. This is the story of a small band of remaining shifters in Alaska 20 years after arriving on Earth. It is also a story about one such human female who is impregnated and her attempts to keep the knowledge from the military while learning all she can about the new species.

Melissa, the human female lead, is a military research scientist. Unlike her research assistant, she is military minded and wants to see the shifter race wiped out but she can't help being awed by their genetic makeup. She is definitely an "experiments first, humanity second" kind of gal but she's not totally conscienceless. And she can't help being drawn to Brendan.

Brendan, the shifter male lead, just wants to survive and see his babies born and safe as do the others of his race. He finds himself drawn to and loving Melissa.

Keenan and Diamond - a forbidden romance that might just get Diamond's family killed.

Upon finishing the story you have no qualms about labeling the humans the bad guys in this. As usual, fear of the unknown makes idiots and monsters of mankind.

Not having read books one and two of the series, I wasn't lost but did have some questions that I wonder if were answered there. The writing style is a bit unusual but I was quickly drawn in and broke out in tears a couple of times, which shows that the characters are so believable as to incite sympathy and caring. Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down. This is not what paranormal romance or urban fantasy fans are used to but I think they could enjoy the book.



  1. Just stopped by to check out what you thought of the book - I too am participating in this tour and haven't read it yet.

  2. Interesting that you've read the book without reading the first two. I really like the character mentions. It gives me a better idea of what to expect. I actually have book one on my shelf and this review definitely has me wanting to dive in.


  3. @ LovLivLife Reviews:
    This was a new author for me. When given the chance to review this, I jumped at it. And while I normally prefer to read series in order, after seeing that the author recommended reading this one first then reading the rest in order, I felt ok about doing it this way. Glad I did. But, LOL, now I have to go and find the others to read.

    @ Beverly:
    I did enjoy it thoroughly. Being a shapeshifter fan, I was looking forward to it. But this is unlike most shifters stories I have read. I found myself interested but not enthralled until about page 55. I hope you'll enjoy it as well.

  4. Thanks for all the comments and I am releasing SCM of 2030 (the 2nd book) in a few days! The 1st book The Invasion of 2020 will be out July 1st:)


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