Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review Slave Market by Evanne Lorraine

Title: Slave Market- Demons and Dragons #2
Author: Evanne Lorraine
Source: Requested review
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre Erotic paranormal sci-fi romance- M/F/M
Length: Novella
Authors website

Rescued from sexual slavery by a dragon king, Cassandra owes the royal a debt she can never repay. Dormant dragon gifts earn her a place of trust as companion, but when she loses her headstrong charge, she faces disgrace and death. 

Handpicked to recapture the kidnapped princess, Xyn and Belz are ordered to work with Cassandra. That she’s forced to accept a role as their slave is bad enough, but the males bluntly tell her that she can’t come with them unless she can handle all of their sexual needs. Desperate to atone for losing the princess, and innately trusting the males, she reluctantly agrees. 

The dominant dragons are hard males to satisfy. Cassandra exhausts herself bringing them pleasure. More troubling than her fatigue from so many orgasms is that their erotic demands prove addictive, binding her heart and soul to the dangerous males more surely than she was ever bound by a slave collar.



Evans Lorraine knows how to write a steamy sci-fi romance. Slave Market has a great story with some steamy scenes. I liked the connection between the characters and the sex what’s there is erotic and hot. This is a BDSM ménage with no anal, the BDSM is on the light side, so it was easy for me to read.

 This is a nice story about a slave dragon lady saving her friend the princess and finding her mates. You’ll find more story then sex in this novella. I recommend this to anyone who likes a little fun paranormal romance and sci-fi adventure.


  1. I'm thrilled your enjoyed it, Laurie. Thank you so much for the review!

  2. Sounds good :) Though were is guy nr 1 on the cover

  3. Evanne- Thank you for letting me read it.

    Beodeuedd- I know what you mean on that one. There should be two...

  4. Laurie, was this an ARC? I tried to find it in the Kindle store but couldn't. Great review!

  5. Redzsm here's the buy link http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/books/SlaveMarket.html And thinks

    Meggerfliy- Its really good for a quick read.


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