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Book promo giveaway! Guardian by Nora Weston Closed!

Guardian 2632 by Nora Weston

Greetings...and thank you to Laurie for hosting this Sci-Fi adventure giveaway. Up for grabs is a copy of Guardian 2632 by Nora Weston, from Melange Books. Like choices? One winner may choose either the e-book, print, or Kindle version. Simply leave a comment, ask a question, or even say who you’d skip through time to meet. If you love Sci-Fi, crave adventure, and must have romance in your books as well...enter the giveaway!

Guardian 2632/Blurb:

Zane Grayson, the most accomplished executive director Guardian TMF has ever seen, is breaking the law…his law against time surfing. Zane has the supreme power, in 2632, to decide which paradoxes in time need altered, or deleted, but he’s frustrated. Something, or someone, is missing from his life.

Time surfing in illegal time zones is the rush Zane can’t live without. As addictive as the Martian dust called kilred, time surfing becomes Zane’s obsession. And knowing full well if caught by the Elite Guardians, he’ll suffer an unwelcome death by Time Mercs, Zane still dives deep into trouble. Soon, he discovers a mission in 2035 left him trapped in a timehole. This timehole places him in Pittsburgh, PA in 1998, instead of home. In Pittsburgh, Zane strolls into a coffee shop to see the bewitching Julia Emerson. From that point on, his life spirals out of control as he fights to protect what he loves most.

It’s possible Zane’s future is no longer in 2632...but actually in 1998. Slip through time with Zane Grayson as Guardian 2632 reveals what he will sacrifice to save a life.

Nurse Carrington interrupted Zane’s conversation with Dr. Salvatore. “Doctor, excuse me, I wanted you to say goodbye to your miracle.” Smiling with immense pride that she knew the famous Doctor Zane Grayson, Nurse Carrington placed her hands on Julia’s shoulders.
Zane turned around not thinking at all who might be before him, after-all, he had saved quite a few people since his arrival in Pittsburgh.
“Zane?” screamed Julia more shocked than words could express. Tears flooded her eyes as she held her chest. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh…no, Julia? Not now, not today.” Zane’s blood just about crystallized.
You saved me? You’ve been here and never came to me? How could you? I-I thought you couldn’t come back. Zane, I don’t—”
“Nurse, I’ll take it from here.” Totally freaked out, Zane wheeled Julia into his office, and then he shut the door so hard, that a few of the paintings in the hallway became askew.
Nurse Carrington was left perplexed, naturally.
Julia’s tears cut through Zane’s emotions like a knife as she sobbed, seemingly inconsolable.
Zane wanted to defend himself wisely, yet he, at best, fumbled with his words.  “Explain, explain this? Oh…wow, uh, please just listen to me.” His heart throbbed because if he blew it now, she would never trust him again.
Seeing the betrayal Julia felt in her eyes, he cringed thinking she was disappointed in him. Running his hands through his hair and then motioning for Julia to give him another minute or so, he thought, Oh, damn…what do I say? I have to think…think. He paced around his office praying for a bit of mercy from both God and Julia. “Okay, I know what you’re thinking—”
“Really? Because I’m going to have to, you don’t. You have no idea what I’m thinking or feeling. How could you do this to me?”
“Um, well, it was easier to do than I thought it would be. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean, I did this, that’s true, but now it seems I’ve been caught off-guard. Julia, please…just give me five minutes.” Zane gathered his thoughts staring directly into Julia’s eyes. Then he knelt down and held onto her hands.
“Easier than you thought? Easy to hurt me like this?” Julia swallowed hard as she pulled her hands away from his.
“Okay, that all came out wrong. Five minutes?” asked Zane.
“Fine, explain...and it had better be good.”
Knowing he had one chance of pulling this explanation of a lifetime off, Zane breathed in deeply and then said, “Okay, I could lie and make up something really believable, but I’m not going to. I’m not even going to try to lie. You will most likely not believe me and yet, I’m going to be brutally honest. My life is too complicated to try and start out our future with lies.”
“A future? You’ve got to be kidding after what you’ve done.” Rolling her eyes, Julia squirmed in the wheelchair saying, “Go ahead. Talk your way out of this. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.”
He slid a chair close to Julia and sat down. “Oh, so…where do I start? How do I explain this to make sense? Okay, I really am a doctor, and I do work for the government, but it is not what you think, or maybe not when you think. It’s nothing you could imagine.”         
“You’re wasting my time,” said Julia, “and this is just ridiculous.”
“Um, no, I’m taking my five minutes. I work for the government, the world government, in Terents, Canada. I’m the, well…used to be the executive director of Guardian TMF. It’s a time monitoring facility. Julia, I’m from the year 2632.”


  1. If I could slip through time I would like to meet JeanLuc Picard and help him fight the borg :) I do realize he is a fictional character, but I think if I went back in time to meet someone from history, I might change things and I don't like the idea of my causing ripples in time. Now fighting borg with hunky Star Fleet officers, I'm all for it. Thank you for the great post today and the chance to win the giveaway.


  2. This looks interesting. :)

    I guess I'd like to skip back and talk to my grandmother more. I wish I'd taken the time to ask more about her life when she was here to tell about it.



  3. Thanks for providing a giveaway.
    My question to you is, "Who would YOU want to meet?" Let's say time jumping is reality and parallel universes visiting is as well - then I think I'd like to jump to different parallel universes to see if my other self in those universes made different decisions and what the outcomes are. Ok, I admit to being a Fringe TV show fan.
    If I win the giveaway, I'd like the print version.

  4. I am so going for a sci fi hottie here. Captain Malcolm Reynold's of the Serenity. I do miss that show. It was not around long enough.

  5. I would skip back through time and meet Jules Vern. He was an author way ahead of his time.

  6. Hello, and thanks for the amazing comments! :)

    Fighting in a battle, meeting relatives, parallel universes, and Jules Vern would all appeal to me as well, but throw in Mal as an option,and the choices become harder to choose from! Serenity is one of my favorite movies. I know Zane and Mal would get along wonderfully!

    Me? I'd skip through time to meet Leonardo da Vinci since I've always pondered about his personality. Did this man have a sense of humor and take joy in life, or was he serious-minded 24/7? I'd also like to speak with Edgar Allan Poe, Catherine the Great, Genghis Khan, my ancestors from Italy and Ireland, plus Claude Monet.

  7. This book sounds really good. I've love to win of copy of this. :)

    If this is open to Canadians, count me in!


  8. Sounds great. Would love to win.

  9. Sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Loved the excerpt and if the contest is open to Ukers then add my name to the hat please.

  11. Love the excerpt please enter me into the giveaway.

    musicalfrog at comcast dot net

  12. Wow I LOVE sci fi! Sounds like one I would like to read asap. I would like a print copy please.

    k28dalton (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. Would go back to 1630's in Wethersfield, Conn to met my great-great-great... grandfather the Rev Elisha Williams as he gets off the boat from Wales.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  14. I love the idea of time skipping. I think I would probably just pick a time and observe. Too much can wrong if you mess something up.

  15. This sounds really interesting and loved the excerpt. I'd probably go back and talk to my grandparents.

    gfc - pams00

    pams00 @

  16. I'd love to skip back and talk to my great-grandparents and get some family history information.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  17. Hello! I sure do appreciate the comments. :)
    It would be awesome to speak with great grandparents and back even farther. When I hear stories about relatives I've never met...and what some of them went through to come to the states, it blows my mind! Oh, my...the stories they could tell if I jumped back to see them.

  18. I'd like to slip back to talk with my mother. I miss her.

  19. I love sci-fi... (I've spent some of each of the last 4 weekends at Star Wars weekends at Studios in Orlando, FL). This book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. This book sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far! I just updated the trailer for Guardian 2632. Here's the link...

    Have a good evening!

  22. I would love to go back an talk to my grandparents. I love time travel books.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

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  24. I love time travel scify I wouldn't really want to meet anyone just observe pivotal events in history and find out what caused some of them.
    I am a follower

  25. 'Guardian 2632' looks amazing. Queen Victoria fascinates me as a figure in history. Just one of many I'd like to drop in on.

  26. i think this looks like a wonderful book! if i could skip through time, I would like to go back and meet my grandmother. I was named after her, but she passed away before I was old enough to remember her.


  27. I love the excerpt. I definitely have this one on my TRL. I too would love to go back and meet my ancestors from Ireland and Italy. How fascinating would that be. But most importantly I 'd love to go back and spend time with my late brothers and Mom.Miss them very much and would love to say "I love you "one more time. :)GFC follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L

  28. The giveaway has been a blast thanks to everyone's super interesting comments! The winner will be announced very soon! I hope Guardian 2632 brings you many hours of excitement as you become immersed in the world of 2632...and slip through time with Zane Grayson.

    Have a good day...


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