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Discussion of the month June 2011 Romance novels can be as addictive as pornography -

Please read this first
Romance novels can be as addictive as pornography -

I saw this on twitter when a friend posted it a few days ago and I thought it would make a good topic. When I read this post I was left saying where in the world did they study this at?  I have been reading romance and erotic romance books for over 4 years now and most of you how may books I can put down in a year. Last year it was almost 300 and let me tell you I never feel this way and I know I read the right stuff, so I guess my brain or body doesn't function right LOL. But I don't look for the sex in the books I look for a good connection and good story line the sex is just an added bonus LOL

I did notice when Twilight came out and was such a big hit. I read on cafemom where women would post that they left their husband because he was no Edward I was like omg, please. I would say that no husband is or at least not mines, but I still wouldn't trade or leave him because he doesn't live up to the romance book standards, I don't read book for that reason. But the thing is this post is taking about porn and there no porn in the Twilight saga. I don’t read where women read a regular romance book leave their husband because he wasn't up to the romance standards.

 Because romance novels provide a perfect escape during tough times.
Now, this statement is what is most interesting just because the sales are increasing it means women are getting off on romance books. I don't think so. It means time are bad and we need an escape what better cheap way then reading a book and forgetting our troubles, but they want to pin it on porn WHATEVER! I think they need to study why we are having these bad times and finding ways to make jobs instead of worrying on what women are reading and if they are getting off on it. I never did see where it say in the post on how many women left their husbands because of this or did I miss it?

So what's your take on Romance novels can be as addictive as pornography's post?

 I for one will not stop reading so called porn for women as they call it and I of I have anything to do with it I will help the sales go higher next year LOL.


  1. I just skimmed the first part and I think the author should have qualified it with a SOME women can become....and SOME men. After all, we all know that there are some impressionable men and women in the world. Not every one is going to be so easily influenced - but some are,. And we all like to dream and hope and expect romance, good things...etc. But I would have likened it to watching romance movies also - some young girls (and boys) get the wrong or an idealized view of love life from movies also. And I always take everything written and studied by Psychologists with a grain of salt. They only know who they studied. Not all of us. :) Fo'Sho'!
    There are some women that go off the deep end, but I think most of us are okay and level headed. :)

  2. Bahahahaha!

    From what I hear, romance novels help most marriages! At least I know it does mine. Reading romance has actually led me to read things I wouldn't have otherwise. So, I'm expanding my mind.

    No, I don't think it's addictive as pornography. I don't think porn is addictive either. On the other hand. Anything can be addictive if a person makes it so.

    By the way, has anyone bothered to mention the website that ran this article is Mormon? Hell, their men can't be satisfied with one woman.

  3. You know I didn't notice that is was by a morman, that's an interesting fact there Cynthia and one I totally agree with you on.

    I just hate people posting stupid stuff like this and then people listening to them and quit reading. This stuff is never accurate they just like scaring people.

    I also agree with you on the marriage thing, it's has helped mine a lot.

  4. I think what the article is saying is, the same feelings men get out of porn, women get out of romance novels. Not necessarily that romance novels equals porn.

    I do think, like anything else romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, movies, video games, ice cream, food, drugs, etc can become addictive. However, I don't believe romance novels is a bad thing. Not all addictions are bad. I think romance novels (good ones anyways) release happy hormones in our bodies. Why wouldn't we want to experience that over and over again?

    However, if you can make it ruin your relationship, you didn't have a good one to begin with. There were obvious issues there. The romance novels don't break up marriages, people do.

    If porn is cheating, is reading romance novels cheating?

  5. The first thing I thought when I read the article is the lady was missing the point: If you have an addictive personality you will find something/anything to addict too and take it over the edge.

    The fact is Romance Novels no more/no less change people's ideas towards romance anymore than a movie or TV Show could do. We all live in the real world, the books are just to escape it for a minute. I mean really, I love reading about werewolfs but I certainly don't want one in my bed---think of the shedding?

    Great follow up!

  6. I never thought about the shedding...good point Felicia, lol.

    I noticed right away that it was a Mormon website, no offense to them, but I didnt really take the artical seriously. My relationship is better because of the romances I read about, he says they put me "in the mood". Lol.

  7. I just read about this study yesterday. Romance books can be read for enjoyment but anyone who takes them too seriously needs to be cutoff and seek help until they can handle it in small doses.


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