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interview and giveaway with paranormal romance author Caris Roane

Please welcome one of my favorite fast growing authors in the PNR world Caris Roane!!

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a fulltime writer, which means I have the best job in the world. I have two children, grown. I live in Arizona with my hubby and two cats, Sebastien and Gizzy. Before I wrote paranormal romance, I wrote Regencies for Kensington, but that market all but disappeared in 2005. Having included vampires in one of the Regencies, it just wasn’t a stretch for me to embrace the extraordinary and exciting paranormal market. In fact, some of my earliest Regencies even had characters from Greek mythology; Eros, Psyche, Anteros, Aphrodite and Artemis!

Do you have a process in your writing routine?
Since all my writing time is consumed with my Guardians of Ascension series, I’ll take you through that process, which is awesome, because it all starts with focusing on my hero—and I’m sorry, but what can possibly be better than that?!? In this case, for instance, I’m writing Thorne’s book so let me tell you I carry that man around in my heart right now. He’s just awesome (besides being totally gorgeous)! From there, I bring the heroine into sharper focus, deepen her, asking questions like, why is she worthy of Thorne? In this case—and this is for fans of the series—Thorne knows extraordinary things about Marguerite that nobody knows. But getting to that point, of knowing Thorne and knowing his woman, is a challenge. I have to think and ponder and question. A lot!
At the same time, I work on structuring the plot. Where plot is concerned, I map all the events out based on the hero’s journey. I’m a huge fan of this particular concept which involves, in a nutshell, character growth. Essentially, the plot must show how these two characters grow: in this case, Thorne and his woman. It’s a difficult challenge but soooo rewarding when it all comes together!

What are some of your favorite author’s and books you’ve read?
Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors and so is Laurell K. Hamilton. Now let me tell you what I think they did that I still find mind-boggling; both of these authors made me fall in love with their leading men. I’m still amazed by that. I can remember the exact scene in which Ash came into supremely sharp focus for me (Zarek’s book). And I’ve been a devotee of Jean-Claude’s from the moment he stepped on the stage. I still have a fantasy that Laurell will start a new series from Jean-Claude’s point-of-view! I think I would turn serious groupy for that one!

Would you tell those who haven’t heard of your The World of Ascension series a little about it?
Well, it’s easiest to begin this way. When I really looked at the Greek mythological scope of the Dark Hunter series, I thought, “I want a world as big as that one, so that if I fall in love with my characters, I can write many, many books based on that world.” From there, I thought, why not create a world of ascending dimensions, in which the inhabitants of each dimension, as they develop new preternatural power, find themselves in the midst of a call to ascension and therefore a call to a new world and a new state of being. Second Earth, for instance, is the world of the vampire. In fact, all the ascending kingdoms are inhabited by vampires. But it’s very possible that Third Earth will have greater evolutions, shifters maybe, I’m not sure yet. The possibilities are endless and that was the goal. If Sherrilyn wanted to, she could explore a hundred different aspects of Greek mythology and keep building and expanding her world forever.

I have seen quite a few reviews where people said your book Ascension reads like other PNR author series. I am not naming the author because I am sure you know. In your own words would you tell what sets your series is apart? 
I know what you’re getting at and though I was surprised at these reviews, I think any writer who attempts a brotherhood series, and there have been many before me and will be many after, will find comparisons inevitable. But in this case, what sets this series apart from my point of view, is that each of the women in my world, as novel builds on novel, develops extraordinary emerging powers that shape the course of the world. But to be a true brotherhood book, I also worked hard to build up each of the men, as well as how they relate to each other and to their peace-keeping job generally. Beyond that, my vampires have wings, which means that flight is a huge part of the series. And as I said before, the world is enormous, with six ascending dimensions!

How in the world do you come up with different powers for the heroines?
I have to say this is one of the most fun parts of this series for me, perhaps because it’s mostly an organic process! I don’t just sit down and assign a power. Instead, what happens in my creative process is that I put the heroine into a certain situation, a certain problem or difficulty, then I watch what emerges. It’s been an amazing ride so far.

Will you write a book for Endelle?
Endelle! Don’t you LOVE her? I recently posted on Facebook that she’s the woman I would want to be if I didn’t have a conscience, if I had no sense of propriety, and if I didn’t have to get along with others at all! But YES, she gets a book and it’s the climax book of this part of the series, book #10! So, not only does all this grief with Commander Greaves draw to a conclusion, but Endelle finds love as well…and maybe a slight softening of her spirit (but not too soft)!

You have so many different wings, how do you come up with them all?
The wings! That was an organic process as well and started to really take shape in the first book when Warrior Medichi notices that Warrior Marcus’s wings have a light green banding on them! Then Medichi says, “The same color as Havily’s eyes.” So, there you go! From that moment, wing coloration would relate to some other aspect of the story, the setting, or the romance. In the fourth book, BORN OF ASHES, the heroine’s wing coloration has to do with an emerging preternatural power, but I won’t say anything more! (But it’s awesome!)

Anything else about your series you like to add?
Only that I see this first part of the series as consisting of 10 books total, and that all ten books are building to a terrible war in book #10 (as well as love finding Endelle!) It’s a huge challenge to carry around ten books in my head, so before I begin the next book of the series, I reread everything I’ve written before and I take notes. My sincerest hope is that when all ten are completed, the whole group will read as one complete story, just broken up ten times…or something like that!

Would you tell us a little of what you’re working on next?
I’m writing Thorne’s book right now, OBSIDIAN FLAME! This is the book that many fans have posted about—when will it be Thorne’s turn? Of course, he’s the man, the one in charge, the one who’s carried the load for two thousand years, so yeah, we want him to find love and peace and finally get some rest while he continues to soldier on as the leader of the Warriors of the Blood. This book will release in May of 2012. (Jean-Pierre’s book, BORN OF ASHES, releases in January of 2012.)

Fun questions
What your favorite color?
Hands down, green, especially on the mossy side. Next in line is dusty rose.

Do you have any pets?
I love animals. At one time, I had three goldfish, very big, fat, and spoiled, which lived for ten years. I also had four cats and two cocker spaniels. But life took it’s course and now I have only two kitties with me. I’m hoping to get a dog in the next year. I miss my cockers!

What your favorite movie and TV show?
I think “The Good Wife” is one of the best shows on TV and I also adore “Castle”. When “American Idol” rolls around, I never miss an episode. I also can’t get enough right now of the houses that Sarah Richardson renovates…HGTV! Go figure!

Do you have a favorite food or place to eat?
I LOVE Mexican food and we have several restaurants in the Phoenix area that do the cuisine proud!

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Brief Bio

Caris Roane has published over fifty Regency romance novels and novellas under the pen name, Valerie King.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  Having had a long-time love affair with vampires, Caris tackled the paranormal genre, building a world based on ascending dimensional earths.  The first novel of the series, Ascension, was released December 28, 2010.  Burning Skies, the second book in the series, hit the shelves in May.  And the third novel, Wings of Fire, is a September release.
Caris lives in Buckeye, Arizona with her two cats, Sebastien and Gizzy.

 Caris is giving away a signed copy of BURNING SKIES. Please leave a comment or question for Caris to enter. Open to US and International.

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  1. I found Ascension a few months ago and I havent looked back since!!! I totally fell in love with it!! Whats even better as a fan for me personally, is it takes place in my own back yard! Im a native to Az myself, what made you decide that it would be the inspiration of your multiworld?

    Krissy Malott

  2. Sounds lik a great series. I love series that contain many books. You get invested in the story.
    Liizzi015 at aol dot com

  3. Sounds like a really good series. I think creatures from mythology make awesome characters in books. juliecookies(at)

  4. Great interview, sounds like an awesome series to look out for! Also, all of the covers are gorgeous!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Wow she sounds great, and I love mythology
    especially Eros,
    thanks for the giveaway I will be looking for this series.

  6. Great interview and the books sound great. I already have the first to waiting to be read on my bookshelf at home. Your world sounds very unique and interesting.

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

  7. Good morning, everyone! It's great to have posts right away to respond to! Yay!!!

    **Krissy, I'm so glad you've discovered ASCENSION! The main reason I set the bulk of the action in Arizona is because the land is amazing...desert life isn't for sissies and I thought it a perfect backdrop for a world at war. The heat, the scorpions, the cactus are all great symbols for what's going on in our warriors' lives.

    **Bethie, I hope my series is for you! I'm totally invested in writing these ten books. I'm on the fifth now and with fingers crossed, with book #11, we'll go to Third Earth--shifters, maybe...still working on that concept.

    **Julie, if Sherrilyn hadn't already built a world around Greek mythology, I would have revisited Eros, Psyche, Aphrodite and the gang. It was a lot of fun! On the other hand, it occurred to me just a couple of days ago that Endelle bears a striking resemblance to my Aphrodite of Regency days. (Endelle is the snarky ruler of Second Earth; profane, irreverant, generally fabulous!) Hope you enjoy the series!

    Jessica, aren't the covers AMAZING! St. Martin's has done a fabulous job bringing these books to market. Each time I would get the latest cover, I would think: how can they top this? Then they did. The cover for BORN OF ASHES I now use as my avatar and my screensaver because I think it's soooo beautiful. I might have a poster made of this one, something I've never done before. Enjoy the series!

    Nathalie, yes, my beloved Endelle is a major kick in the every possible respect! Of all the characters, I've had the most comments from fans about her! She's very archetypal, bigger than life at six-five, with the additional height of stilettos, the only shoes she wears, unless she's seriously in flight. Thanks for posting!

    So happy you've joined me today. A recent website comment basically asked if now that I've released the first three books in the first year, would I be dropping back to one book a year??? The answer is NO!!! I'm writing this series for the fans and the fans deserve a good number of books a year, so I'm sticking with three-a-year! Most of the fans who email me can hardly wait for the next book to come out and since that was always my hope, I plan on delivering! **pumps fist in air**

    Heaps of blessings,

  8. I haven't heard of these books, but I'm definitely intrigued. I've read a few of your Valerie King historicals, so I'm interested in checking out this new series.

    Jen K.
    admin.bookblog AT

  9. I love these cover and will be adding these to my wish list as soon as I am done here. Cannot have enough paranormal in my life :)

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  10. Definitely adding these to my list and I totally agree about Sherrilyn, she is the main reason I got addicted to paranormal- her world building is incredible and the fact she incorporated greek mythology made it even better.


  11. I really enjoyed the interview and the book looks great too. I also thought that sll the covers are beautiful.

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  14. Enjoyed the interview, i really love these covers1! can't wait for burning skies!

  15. What a wonderful world you have created where the leading men can truly shine and readers can fall in love with them. That is what I love about series, the larger than life world where you can re-visit beloved characters in a familiar setting, but their stories are also different. For me it's so important to be able to connect with the chracters, watch their growth and see them get their much deserved happily ever after. It makes reading so worthwhile.

  16. I love the covers as well. The books sound great. Thanks for taking the time for the interview and for offering a giveaway. Count me in -
    WildAboutBones {at} gmail {dot} com

  17. Whoops forgot add my contact info to my comment above: Cambonified(at)yahoo(dot)com

  18. Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed meeting the author. Sherrilyn Kenyon is also one of my favorite authors.

  19. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this interview.
    I love the covers-so often angel covers can be done wrong, and yours are just gorgeous!

    Since Laurie and I have such similar taste, I'm going to go buy the first book :)

  20. I've recently gotten into mythology stories and I'm hooked. The series sound awesome, thanks so much for the chance to win Burning Skies.

  21. Back from writing more of Thorne's story and all these wonderful posts are waiting for me! Hooray!

    **Escape by Ficton, don't wait! Open that cover and jump in! Hope you enjoy ASCENSION.

    **Jen, it's always nice to meet a fan of my Regency work, but please be warned, while my Regencies were very sweet, the GUARDIANS OF ASCENSION will steam your socks right off! LOL! Enjoy!

    **Robin, I'm with you! I adore the paranormal genre! Last year I spent much of my time curled up with Anita Blake, the whole series! That is while I wasn't worshiping at my various warrior's feet! *fans face*

    **vampire mistress, I know, Sherrilyn, right? It's all her fault...yay! I met her at a conference here in Phoenix a couple of years ago. She apologized for staring at me because she said I looked just like her cousin Donna. Maybe we're related. We certainly are in spirit. I adore her!

    **Danielle, someone told me recently that the book cover gods had smiled on me...I could not agree more. I've said this before, but when my editor emailed me the cover for the fourth book, BORN OF ASHES, I really misted over. I was in the middle of writing Warrior Jean-Pierre's book and that pose is exactly how he was with his tender, so loving...ack, I'm tearing up again...good lord! LOL! Enjoy!

    **Jeep Diva, may you get good and hooked for life!!! Oh, wait...I'm not sure...I meant to offer a blessing...well, I hope it's a blessing... *grinning*

    **Crystal, don't wait a second longer. I love my series, and it totally has my heart. Plus, I think about my readers all the time. When I'm the least bit stuck, I always ask, 'What would the readers want to see at this point?' The answers are always amazing!

    **minhchieu, I can't wait to see what my team at St. Martin's comes up with for book #5. The title is, OBSIDIAN FLAME, and the heroine's dominant color is red! This one should be FANTASTIC as well!

    **Na, you have defined my goal perfectly when it comes to creating a story: the characters must grow and in that growth we're moved and I think even encouraged to get on with life, to dig in a little more, to make our own worlds better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    **Wild About Bones, my editor really pushed for the wings on the covers, which I think has been amazing. The artwork has been so fantastic. Of course, I kept shouting in my emails...the wings have to be big, big, BIG! They did a great job!

    **Yel, keep up your good work and I hope you enjoy my series. Yay for Sherrilyn!

    Joyful Blessings All Around,

  22. This is a great interview!!! I'm very intrigued to read the ASCENSION series!! The covers are beautiful & sensual!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!!


  23. Caris is a genius! Her series has all the right elements to draw you in and keep you coming back for more! I can't wait to experience the other ascended worlds, and witness the warrior's and their women's "transformations"!

  24. Ascension was an amazing beginning to the series. I loved not only their world, but the characters. Burning Skies continues their story and I cannot wait. Thank you for coming on and reminding me of this series! Book three, love the cover!

    terilhack at yahoo dot com

  25. The good wife is a great show! I watch Castle too. I absolutely love Nathan Fillion! (I think I spelled his last name wrong) Great interview. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the giveaway!

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  26. really enjoyed the interview and the comments Caris has put up here. Particularly that this series will steam my socks off :) It is great to find a series that will grow through each book so i can enjoy the world and characters as they develop. Now on my wishlist!

  27. Hi, again, everyone! Leto makes a big appearance in book #5, so I've been getting to know him better...OMG...he's wonderful(and hot)!

    **Highland Hussy, I hope you love ASCENSION as much as I adored writing it! Laurie's great, isn't she! As for the wings, amen and amen, the art dept. at St. Martin's got it just right!

    **Heather, the longer I work on this series, the more it has that mythological feel. I even refer to certain experiences the warriors have as 'myths', until they get hooked in, of course, then they're oh-so-real!

    **jfort, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I really try to keep it real. Hope you enjoy the series!

    **Tish, transformation is absolutely the key! One hundred percent! I use the Hero's Journey when I write, mostly from The Writer's Journey, by Christopher Vogler. And thank you for the glowing praise! I really appreciate it!

    **Teril, BURNING SKIES was a very emotional book to write. The characters had suffered terrible losses so it was wonderful to bring them together so that they could give each other ease. I think that's one of my favorite definitions of romance--to give ease. Of course I have several others as well, one that involves fireworks, of course! Enjoy!

    **Megan, Nathan F., right? (I'm not sure how to spell his name, either.) But he's awesome and soooo perfect in his role as a writer/detective-wannabe. I think some of the best writing is on that show!

    A multitude of blessings,

  28. Great interview! Series looks interesting and is on my To Buy list, when I get the extra time and money. What helps you get writing again when you get stuck, in other words what's your muse?

  29. Great interview! Vampires with wings sounds great and the covers of your books are amazing.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  30. great interview i loved the questions. I have ascension and am about to read it I picked it up a few months ago and it just looked soooo good. I love the covers!


  31. That was an insightful interview. Caris is very personable. Love that in an author. This is a series I have not read yet. I will have to rectify this oversight very soon. Thank you both for taking the time to do this interview and giving your fans a chance to win a book.

    Happy Reading,

  32. OMG, the system just deleted my whole huge post about the interview and the books! I might just cry! I was about to mention that I thought that these were angel books when I first saw the covers. But now that I know what the series is about I am really intrigued. What happened to my beautiful comments? Well, I love series with the big interconnected stories and huge worlds. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorites and I am in love with Ash. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I'm back!!! I just wrote more about Leto, since he's featured in book #5 in prep for his leading role in book #6. He's so hot and so wounded! But he's got the right woman, so it's amazing! Yay!

    **Irene, my Gizzy is black and white. Aw! And when I said 'steam', I meant 'steam'!!! Be prepared! To add to that, my editor tells me that what she loves about how I write the love scenes is how emotional they are. So, go out and get steamed! (You know, somehow that just doesn't sound right! LOL!)

    **Brittany, to get unstuck sometimes I ask, 'what would the reader want at this point in the story', sometimes I write in my file called development and that will prompt an idea, sometimes a quick game of solitaire will unloosen my brain cells, but if I'm really stuck I'll go over to Gena Showalter's website and drool, oh, I mean just casually peruse some of her pics. *she says wiping her mouth* I mean, seriously. Did anyone see the cartoon with the two slices of bread? OMG. I laughed for days! (That was awhile ago...and it got taken down really fast!)

    **Diana, my pub house just asked for info for the fifth book, so I said Thorne should look super fierce since he's 'the man'! I'm so hoping the art dept. comes up with the cover of all covers for the leader of the Warriors of the Blood. So far, they've exceeded all expectations!

    **Alycia, then welcome to the ASCENSION family! Read on...

    **Laurielu, love your avatar, a girl with wings! We all need flight, don't we?!? Hope you enjoy the series!

    **Jen, don't you hate losing data?!? It's always at that moment that I look at the window and think, "I'm throwing this thing out!" lol! And of course now I want to know what you had originally written! And oh, yeah, Ash rocks! How about a series from his point-of-view! I hope my world of ASCENSION works for you...I love living in it! *smiling*

    An ocean of blessings,

  34. I actually picked up Ascension on a whim. I loved the cover and it looked pretty interesting. Boy am I glad that I did. I could not put the book down. I read it in one sitting and I was so mad that I had to wait for Marcus's story. I am loving this series. I love that it is a different spin on the vampire genre and it's just so interesting. You have definitely become an auto-buy for me.

  35. Tina said: You had me at "vampires with wings". I must read your books now!


  36. I love the covers of your books. I've never read a book about Vampires that have wings!

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  38. Great interview. Looks like a really good series and has some great covers. Looking forward to starting it,

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  39. Hi, again, everyone!
    This is my last post for the interview so I want to start by thanking Laurie for having me here today! It's been great to meet all of you in this warm, fun forum.

    **Danielle, hooray for auto-buy! It thrills me to know that you're enjoying this world I've built! Though I chuckled when you said you were so mad that you had to wait for Marcus's story, I really do get the dilemma! To that end, as you probably read in an early response of mine to another commenter, I intend to continue writing this series at a rate of three books a year, so the wait time won't be too painful! It's the least I can do since I wanted you to need the next installment ASAP! It's all on me!

    **Anonymous, that's terrific, 'you had me at vampires with wings'... I know. It hasn't been done before and it's been such a blast. In other blogs I've been asked how I came up with the wing-concept so I thought I'd share it here: I was writing one day, and one of the really bad vampires just appeared floating in the air, high from a drain (he'd just drunk someone to death) and he had these massive glossy black wings! And that was that! The wings, the flight capacity, the whole concept of vampires taking off into the skies just magic.

    **Fallen vamp, your name suits my series, only if you fell while in flight, your wings would be wrecked. They're sensitive and they hurt when damaged. Fortunately, healing on Second Earth is fast...but still! Who likes pain! Hope you enjoy the ride!

    **Donnas, glad you enjoyed the interview and I hope the series brings you a ton of pleasure!

    Well, that's it for me! Though I feel reluctant to say good-night, I really have to start getting a little more sleep. May everything you desire come to you on a thousand swift wings!

    Many, many blessings,

  40. :) LOVE the series! ( not cause I did a few covers :P) Caris you are SO sweet and have built a wonderful world to fall in love with! I wish you SO much Success!!!!!!

  41. Sounds great :) Please count me in. Thanks.


  42. The series looks amazing. I was surprised to hear that the market for Regencies disappeared in 2005.


  43. This looks like a great series. I love anything to do with mythology.

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  44. Great interview! I've heard wonderful things about this new series and I'm loving the covers too!


  45. Thanks for the interview and giveaway to book!
    My question for Caris (if she's still answering them) is why you think angels and those kinds of supernatural elements are so popular nowadays and what makes them so much fun to write?

    Thanks again =)

  46. I do love the look of the wings. They are so beautiful :D

    I wonder, sine you first wrote regencies and now PNR. Is there anything else you would like to write?

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  49. Hi, Caris-

    You're a new to me author. Why did you decide on a brotherhood of angels? Also, I've heard the name Caris (infrequently) on PBS programs, what's the background of the name?

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    Fantastic interview. I have been very interested in these titles.

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    Ascension was already on my "to be read" list. I can't wait to read it because all my Goodreads friends recommended it! The wings on the covers are beautiful too.


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    Count me in on the giveaway.
    WildAboutBones (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Wanna read them and so thankful if I can win...

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    Tottaly agree with Ash...absolutely LOVE him! Jean Claude has come and gone for me through out the series. Sometimes he gets on my nerves...other times he is greatness!

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