Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interview Author Anna Keraleigh

Please welcome romance author Anna Keraleigh

For those readers who aren’t familiar with your work would you share a bit about yourself?

Hi there, thanks for having me.

I have two erotic fantasy novels published with Evernight Publishing. Why fairies you ask? I love everything about Ireland including its unique folklore. I also fell in love with the erotica genre the moment I read my first naughty novel. I invite you into my fantasy world where muscle men with delicate wings fight for their kingdom (in loincloths).

What is your writing schedule like?  Do you have a special place where you write filled with stardust and moonbeams?  And what about a playlist?  I can only imagine the tunes needed to generate fairies!

I often write on the deck when weather permits. There’s something magical about the fresh air, the sky overheard and the sound of wildlife. I actually came up with my idea for the giant sunflowers because of my garden. I have an area in my yard where I plant a variety of flowers. When I first planted sunflowers they grew huge! I’m talking over 6 feet tall which is inches taller than me. Staring at those beautiful, awkward flowers started the writing juice flowing.

As for tunes, I have different mixes for different scenes. Sad scenes are usually accompanied by new age/classical music especially Celtic or Irish music. For action scenes, I listen to my Rock mix. That would be Rob Zombie, Nickleback, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Zebrahead and anything that has a good beat. Then there are the sex scenes. Yes, I have a mix for that too! For your entertainment by Adam Lambert, Dirt by Depeche Mode, Lick by Joi, and several others with a sensual vibe.

Other than writing, what else do you love to do?

I love traveling. My brain goes on imagination overload when I’m riding in a car staring at the world as it passes. I’m an animal lover and often times I read with my cat on the deck. Or researching new Irish folklore, it’s become a hobby of mine.

Anna, please tell us about your latest book in your Fairy Series, THE RAVAGED FAIRY released May 25, 2011, by Evernight Publishing.

The Ravaged Fairy is all about Thame, the golden warrior fairy. He’s captured and his wings cut off at the end of the first book. This is his story. He’s stranded without wings on The Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. Breena finds him and saves him from certain death. She treats his back but can she heal his ravaged heart?

Find out in The Ravaged Fairy.

Can you give us a glimpse of what you are working on next?

I just finished and was accepted into a story for an anthology at Evernight Publishing. ‘Midnight Seductions’ will be released around October of 2011.

I also started Keyn’s story, Fairy Unbroken. This will be book 3 in The Fairy Series and yes, each of them can be read as stand-alone. He’s a human hater, tortured by them when he was a child. What happens when the human hater meets his human mate? So far, it looks to be quite a wild adventure.

Stay Naughty,
Anna Keraleigh

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. This book sounds interesting.

  2. I love Irish Folklore! Thank you Laurie & Anna for bringing this series to my attention. I'm very interested in Celtic history & Fairy Lore, so this series is right up my alley.

  3. Thank you Wild and Red. I'm glad to hear that. Good luck to both of you! :)


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