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Interview/GIVEAWAY! with Paranormal Erotic Author Roxanne Rhoads

Hello Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Paranormal Erotic Author Roxanne Rhoads.

RONDA: Hello Roxanne, it is such a pleasure to be interviewing you, thank you for taking the time out for us followers.
ROXANNE: Thanks for having me here. I enjoy visiting all the book blogs and “meeting” new readers.
RONDA: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
ROXANNE: Well, let’s see… I am an author, obviously , a wife and mom of three crazy but extremely lovable children ranging in ages from 5 to 19. I love books- and I always have.

I think if my husband didn’t corral my collection books would cover every surface of the house, he keeps buying me new bookshelves or creating little book nooks where I can stash them. In addition to reading and writing I love to garden and craft and hunt for vintage/antique treasures.

As far as my professional life, other than writing and promoting my own books, I work as a publicist for Entangled Publishing and I own and operate Bewitching Book Tours, a virtual book tour company that specializes in paranormal and urban fantasy books.

RONDA: I just had the great pleasure to read your new release Paranormal Pleasures: Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction and absolutely loved it, can you tell us a little about it?

ROXANNE: Eight of the stories in the book have been previously published in digital form- some come from the beginning of my fiction career in 2005. Others are as new as being published in ebooks and online in 2010. All the stories were freshly edited before publication in Paranormal Pleasures and a couple have new content for this collection.
The two new stories, “Witch in the Middle” and “Monster Inside”, have never before been published anywhere.
All ten of the stories are sexy supernaturals with explicit erotic content- the stories feature witches, demons, and vampires.

Title: Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction
Publisher: Bewitching Books
Genre: Paranormal erotica

ISBN: 0615470386 / 9780615470382
Page Count: 138
Buy links: 
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RONDA: Do you have any upcoming books/works that you are working on?
ROXANNE: I recently finished my first full length novel, Hex and the Single Witch. I describe it as a paranormal romance with erotic content set in an urban fantasy world.

I am currently weighing my publishing options for this novel which is the first in a series. I am also working on several other erotic romance paranormal novels and novellas. I always have at least four or five stories in progress so I can work on something different if I get stuck in a rut with one of the projects.

Ronda - Roxanne
Favorite Color? Red
Favorite Food? Pizza or Tacos depending on my mood
Favorite Movie? Under the Tuscan Sun, Ever After
Favorite actor or actress? Don’t really have one, though I love to drool over Tom Welling and Ian Somerhalder on TV
Favorite Music Group? Long time fave from my younger days is Bon Jovi
Favorite Song? “I Remember You” by Skid Rowe (yes I am a product of the 80s hair band days)

Roxanne will be giving away a print copy of Paranormal Pleasures to one lucky commentor.  US Shipping Only.  Requirements are that you be a follower and you make a comment along with your email address so we can contact you if you win.  Good Luck Everyone!


  1. I love this giveaway as I haven't been able to read anything soley printed in digital yet. Haven't been able to make the investment in an e-reader. I also just really enjoy being able to be stuck on a cliffhanger sentence and in the anticipation of of what turning the page might bring to that sentences end.

    Thank you for this opportunity!


  2. I too enjoy Ian Somerhalder on TV. :D

    I'm a follower.

    headlessfowl at gmail dot com

  3. This is perfect! I enjoy paranormal erotica, but most are too lengthy. I like the idea of a collection of 'bite'-sized (pun intended) doses. :)



  4. Roxanne Please keep us followers on FB informed if you are going to be getting any previews out, a chapter or 2?? Of you book "Hex and the Single Witch". Thanks Jeanette

  5. This book sounds great. I have put it on my "to read" list. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview and for providing a giveaway. I'd love to win.

  6. I would love to win. Thank you for the chance. Bon Jovi is a favorite of mine too.

  7. Well, after reading Ronda's RAVE review on "Paranormal Pleasures" how could I not enter this giveaway?!?! It sounds amamzing!! Anything that gets a Scorcher Award goes right to the top of my TBR List. Thanks to Roxanne & Laurie for this giveaway & interview. Hope I win :)

  8. Wow. Paranormal Pleasures sounds like a pretty hot read. The review makes me want to grab a copy!

    Jen K.
    Follower as Romancing the Book
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  9. This book sounds really good. Definitely going to have to pick up a copy.

  10. Thank you for having me here today.

    Glad you're all looking forward to reading it. If you follow my tour there are plenty of chances to get your hands on a copy- print and ebook.

    Imathehmic I will keep everyone posted about Hex and the Single Witch- soon I hope to know something more so I can start sharing.

  11. I really look forward to reading this book! I like how it is compiled of several short erotic stories. Thanks for the interview/giveaway! Please count me in.

  12. This sounds like a great book for a day at the beach this summer! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. How can I not enter a giveaway for a book that wins a coveted Scorcher Award!?!

  14. This giveaway is as awesome as this blog!! Please enter me to win, my email is

  15. This book sounds awesome!!! Hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway!!!


  16. I too am a product of 80's hairband music. I still love listening to it, and have even corrupted my young neices and nephews. I don't think there will ever come a time when I don't love listening to this music genre.
    Of course, I also love reading so thank you for this giveaway.
    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. Thank you so much for this great giveaway! This sounds like a great book would love to read it! I love Paranormal and vampire books my favorite!

  18. Thank you for the interview today, it was very enjoyable. I am looking forward to Hex and the Single Witch it sounds like a hoot. I appreciate the opportunity to win the giveaway today and would love to read Paranormal Pleasures.
    GFC follower - Denise Zaky

  19. thanks for the interview! this looks so exciting.


  20. Woot! Great interview, I would love to win a copy of her book. :)

    k28dalton (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. Would love to win

  22. I follow this blog and I follow both of Roxanne's blogs (I think she only has two). Anyway, I really want to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Rhonda giving this book the Scorcher Award makes this a must read for me. And I wanted to read it before that review! Sign me up for this giveaway!

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  24. Fantastic giveaway. Would love to read this scorcher. :) Please count me in as well. Follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L

  25. Thanks for all the great comments- I am so thrilled you all want to read the book. It is a sizzler for summer that's for sure. LOL.

    June M- I know I've corrupted my children with the hairband music too- my daughter knows all the Bon Jovi songs and Poison and some lesser known bands that were one hit wonders- but she knows that one hit when it comes on.

    I love Pandora I can pick my music and listen to the old goodies. :-)

  26. I would love to win a copy! I'm adding it to my to-read list for sure.

    musicalfrog at comcast dot net

  27. This sounds like a great spicy paranormal read. Terrific interview thanks so much for sharing, really liked the fun questions answers.

    gfc - pams00

  28. Fantastic review and giveaway! The new book sounds great!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  29. thanks for the giveaway
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