Monday, June 20, 2011

Review Make Mine Midnight by Annmarie McKenna

Title Make Mine Midnight
Author Annmarie McKenna
Genre Erotica romance
Source It was a free download at amazon
Authors website 

New Year’s Eve. The party is rockin’, and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall. It’s all right. She’s much happier scribbling in her trusty little notebook than mingling. Especially since those notes turn into the sexy erotic romances she pens in secret. Those two gorgeous gods across the room are perfect hero material and…oh dear, are they headed her way? 

Mason and Hunter know she won’t remember them as the scrawny geeks they were in high school. She also doesn’t know they’ve been lusting after her for ten long years, waiting for her to meet a man and have a normal relationship. They’re through waiting. The time has come to make their move—and show her exactly how much they’ve changed. 

One night in the middle of a Mason/Hunter manwich, and Claire has enough research material to fill a hundred notebooks. Good thing she’s got OfficeMax on speed dial to order more. Except suddenly her two hunks have this crazy idea that keeping her is selfish. Selfish? She may be mousy, but this mouse is about to roar… 



Here’s the warning label for the book
Warning: Threesomes! Light bondage, blindfolds, breakfast made by two hot men who used to be geeks. Parades, cotton candy, more sex, and convincing said men they are WRONG and threesomes are RIGHT. 

If you loved Annamire’s Blackmailed you’ll like this one. This was a very enjoyable erotic novella with some hot male characters and some hot sex that includes anal intercourse scene.

 Madison and Hunter have always loved Claire and wanted to keep her for themselves, but they have never acted on it until New Years 2009. Yep, this erotic ménage author named Claire get some much needed sparks flying in her love life at the end of the 2009.


  1. Ooo interesting. I've been wanting to dab my toe in the erotica genre, and this seems like a good way to start lol. Thanks for the review. May just keep it under my pillow as a private read *blush*

  2. Book Passion for Life- I hope you like it. I have to admit a ménage is very different.


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