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Review of THE RAVAGED FAIRY by Anna Keraleigh

THE RAVAGED FAIRY, The Fairy Series #2
Anna Keraleigh
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
May 25, 2011
ISBN: 9781926950525
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: ebook, 137 pages
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What would happen to a fairy without wings?

Thame is a warrior, a golden fairy who is loyal to the King and new Queen. They are on the verge of war with the Trolls. It’s an ongoing battle that he fought with success...until now. The enemy captures him, cuts off his wings and strands him on the remote Aran Islands. His escape is a miracle, but the night is still young.

Breena never expects to find a half-naked man with a mutilated back in the middle of her home. Now she finds herself in the middle of a war she didn’t even know existed on top of discovering she’s only part human.

Can Breena heal Thame's ravaged heart?

My Ratings


The blurb above explains the whole premise of the storyline; no need for me to go into details. So, do you want the good news or the bad news first? I thought so.

Ms. Keraleigh has created an exquisite fairy world filled with beautiful, alpha men with wings, who need to find their mates and procreate in order for their race to survive. Unfortunately, this time I feel she has tried too hard and has included too much information into a novella.

We were introduced to Morrigan in FAIRY FLAVOR as Queen Brook’s cousin. Here, we get two very confusing sneak peeks at her. Albeit, one of them include an encounter with the fairy Whisper. (He’s the Good News, BTW.)

Same ruse different book: The trolls engage the fairies in battle as a decoy while other trolls try to steal one of their women.

Breena is a hometown girl. Raised by her Gran, reads historical romance novels, never kissed a guy. So, it’s only natural that when she’s around Thame her shyness sets in and really starts to show. The clumsiness/unbalancing act start at page 19 and doesn’t let up. How many times does an author let her heroine fall flat on her face, or ass in this case, before it gets redundant?

Now I’m getting nit-picky but this really bothered me. Maybe it was because of the YUCK factor involved. Both Breena and Thame have been fighting trolls. Thame with his sword and knife with blood and guts being involved. Breena with salt and frying pan involved. (Intriguing huh?) Flash forward…..their climbing under the covers, fully clothed, sans shoes for the night and snoozing. Excuse me? How about a quick duck under the shower? A sentence or three of erotic foreplay?

Yes, there is sexual intercourse in this book, along with anal penetration, but it didn’t have the sensual or romantic focus as FAIRY FLAVOR did. That is the reason for the Steamy Rating. Breena is a sheltered country girl – she hasn’t even kissed a boy and she is 22 years old. She blushes at just a lewd thought: As her Gran reminds her to stop “wandering”.

She glanced back up and her cheeks burned. “I…” she pulled her hands from his grasp. “It’s just…” Breena stood and her knees nearly gave out. “We…” Her words were pathetic stutters. “Thanks,” she blurted and instantly wanted to hide in a corner. Did she really just thank him for a kiss?

Finally, Thame and Breena were going to consummate their love atop of a gigantic sunflower under the stars. How romantic! Genuinely disgusted was how I felt after reading this scene. But the penetration turned out to be anal with little to no prep. Give me a break! Here we have a virgin with no experience. And Thame, of course, was described as being well endowed. Nope, no way, no how.

Well now, after all of this negativity, how, may you ask, can I still rate this a 3 One Good Howl? It’s because I really like these alpha Fairy Men and their idiosyncrasies. I am intrigued by Wick and his green hair. He is so lustful. Will he find his match? And the shadow of a blueman Whisper with his gigantic black wings (and the two pointed teeth we barely glimpsed) – will his mate be Morrigan? What’s up with Keyn anyway? Is he bipolar? Is there such a thing as a bipolar fairy? And how come the fairies that have already mated don’t have offspring?

Most off all it is because I have hope. I have faith that Ms. Keraleigh will mature as an author and in turn, so will her fairy series. Damn, I want to read about Whisper!

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