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Review of Seduction (Devil's Tavern #4) by Crymsyn Hart

Title: Seduction (Devil's Tavern #4)
Author: Crymsyn Hart
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal erotica
Format: ebook - 85 pages
Release Date: 05/16/11
Buy link: http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/new-releases/seduction/prod_396.html

Valerie dreams of a man who ties her up and pleasures her all night long. When she wakes, his soft caresses follow her. All she wants is to sink back into her dreams and become his slave.

Her sister, Niki conjures an evil djinn into their world. James and Valerie must stop the genie before it brings others of its kind into their world.

When her dream master offers a solution to defeat the djinn, Valerie is hard pressed not to take his proposition. If she does, will she be releasing the lesser of two evils?


Rating -


Sexual -


My Review -

A dream lover, dark magic and a growing danger of dark forces consuming everything makes this an intriguing, short, erotic paranormal story that has the reader guessing what is going to happen next. What was refreshing about this particular story was the interesting use of various paranormal creatures that makes your body tingle both from heat and the looming danger.

Valerie has always been in touch with her psychic abilities, but she has never encountered anything like the erotic dreams she has been having with a hot and seductive lover that brings her to orgasms just by his mere touch.

Valerie's dream lover is the ultimate, perfect lover as he fulfills her completely both physically and emotionally, but only in her dreams. Valerie's life is not the most perfect, but at least she was in control up to now. Dark forces are rising and Valerie doesn't know whether her soul will be lost to them and if her dreams of her phantom lover are part of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book not only for the hot scenes (and a dream lover that really knows how to seduce Valerie and get her panting), but also for the plotline that has the reader guessing right to the end.

I was left wanting more and to see a continuation of the story as there are questions that are left unanswered and a delicious dream lover that needs more exploring. Without spoiling anything for the reader let me just say that you will want to see more of this dream lover and learn more about who and want he is.

Warning this book contains BDSM and the use of a sex toy, but the way the author wrote the scenes they were not disturbing but quite sensual and hot. An excellent short read that will have you craving for more.


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  1. I am really liking the name of the book ;)
    Sounds very hot


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