Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anitra Lynn McLeod's character interview with Captian Jace Lawless

My interview with Captain Jace Lawless took place at a local watering hole. In deference to his need for privacy, I won’t say where. Jace is tall with curly black hair and the most incredible green eyes. He’s dressed simply in a button down shirt, loose fitting trousers, and square-toed boots. His hips are crossed by a worn leather double-holster, slung low. He greets me formally with a handshake that’s firm but not crushing. He waits until I’m seated then sits in the chair next to me. As we speak, his gaze is subtly roving over the people in the bar. He doesn’t appear concerned, just aware. We make idle chit chat and then I launch into my questions.

How do you balance your criminal activities with your strong honorable streak?

Talk about jumping in head first. (Jace laughs and tips his head back.) I don’t hurt innocents and although I have stolen things, I’ve never stolen from folks in need.

Have you ever made deals you regret?

Who hasn’t? But I try to avoid things like that. I guess everyone does, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive.

I understand IWOG officers killed your family--

I won’t talk about them. If you push, I’ll go.

(Unsure whether he means his family or the IWOG I move on)Your crew--can I ask about them?

I recon so. (Jace crosses his arms over his chest)

You’ve known Garrett the longest?

He’s a good man. Best engineer on the Fringe.

Where did you meet your pilot, Bailey?

I won him in a card game.

Are you serious?

Dead serious. The man didn’t know what he had until Bailey was gone. (Jace leans closer and drops his voice) That boy can make my ship do things that Garrett swears are theoretically impossible. Bailey says he just learned different theories.

You sound very proud of him, almost like a father.(For a brief moment Jace looks pleased but a terrible sadness fills his gaze. When he looks away, I quickly ask another question.) I understand that you have two whores on your ship.

(Jace utters a rueful laugh) I suppose I do.

(I get a feeling there’s a lot more to that rumor but I sense he won’t give details.) So, do you wear boxers or briefs?

I, uh . . . no. I’m not going to answer that. (Jace turns bright red, which makes him three times as handsome as he was before.)

In your line of work I guess there’s not a lot of leisure time. When you do have free time, what do you like to do?

I spend time alone in my bunk.

(His gaze meets mine. When I raise my eyebrows, like I’m asking him to expand on that, he blushes so hard it must hurt.)

I spend time alone contemplating, not, uh--I like to be alone to think.

(I nod but I’m left imaging him in there doing a one-handed exercise.) I hear that two of your men, both fighters, recently quit without any notice. Did that cause problems on your ship?

(Jace frowns as he considers me.) You sure hear a lot. (He takes a sip of his drink. It’s something dark but I don’t think it has any alcohol in it. Jace doesn’t seem the type.) Two turncoats left my employ to work for a feller by the name of Trickster. You best steer clear of him.

Do you steer clear of Trickster?

(Jace utters a longsuffering sigh.) If I could I would but I can’t. Dealing with him is one of those things I do to survive.

Has Trickster crossed you?

I ain’t special. Trickster crosses everyone. (Jace lifts a hand to someone in the doorway.) I have to go now, but it was nice talking to you. (He smiles but happiness doesn’t touch his eyes. I have never seen eyes that look so weary.) Take care, now.

If you’d like to ask Jace a question, post it here in the comments and I’ll do my best to get him to answer. Also, all comments on this blog post will enter you to win an advanced copy of Dark Empress!

Tomorrow's forecast is going to be extreme heat with some moon shining. Yep, you may need a cold shower after you look at and read Overlord Micheal Parker's interview. 


  1. Hi Anitra!! Great interview. I love Jace already. But you should push a little more on the whole "boxers or briefs" question! Inquiring minds wanna know! *fans self* Can't wait for tomorrow :D

  2. Hi Redzsm!

    Jace just wouldn't budge on the whole boxers/briefs thing. I got to thinking that given his state of funding, he might not wear either. ;)

  3. I loved Jace's book. That also reminds me Anitra does the publisher have this book in print yet? And who's next in this series? I know I have asked this before, but I have slept since then LOL.

    I love the pictures you found for both characters.

  4. Hi Laurie!

    Thief comes out in print on October 4th. Next in the series is Runner, out in ebook January 10, 2012. I'll be sure to stop by and share details on that book when we get closer to release. :)

  5. From the sound of it, I'm guessing Jace goes commando. Hey, when Jace sat down did he sit facing the door? I betcha he did. Bad habit I have too.

    I could get lost in those mesmerizing green eyes....

  6. Jace,
    Besides Garrett and Bailey, are there any other crew members that you are really proud to claim as part of your crew? I am sorry to hear that two of your crew "quit".
    Jen B.

  7. That's what I think too, Artemis. And yes, Jace sat with his back to the wall and facing the door. He struck me as a very cautious man.

  8. Howdy, Jen. Well, I guess I don't give enough credit to the ladies on the ship. My doc, Payton, can and has handled some pretty messy situations without batting an eye. (Jace leans close) Don't spread this around, but I really can't stand the sight of blood. (Jace shivers)

    And Charissa just brings such innocence and brightness to the ship. She's almost always happy and she hums a lot. She had a crush on me for awhile but we're past that now.

  9. And the winner of Dark Empress is . . . Denise Z! I'll be in touch to confirm your email then send you your copy of Dark Empress. Congratulations!


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