Sunday, July 31, 2011

ARC review The Lost by Caridad Piñeiro

Title:The Lost (Sin Hunters #1)
Author: Caridad Piñeiro
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Paranormal romance
Format: Mass paperback
Authors website

Adam Salvatore is no ordinary millionaire. The heir to an ancient race possessing a dark, powerful magic, he can shapeshift and create energy. His gifts make him a living weapon and have forced him to live in seclusion. But now an inhuman force hunts down Adam-just when he finds someone who makes him feel more human than he ever imagined possible . . .
Home from combat in Iraq, Bobbie Carerra wants only peace, yet soon joins Adam in a terrifying battle against paranormal enemies who hide in plain sight. She's drawn to his strength of mind and body; he's attracted to her courage and intoxicating energy. Their scorching passion can either transport them to the heights of ecstasy or-if Adam's powers rage out of control-destroy them. But when an invisible brotherhood tightens its nets and someone Adam trusts betrays him, only a heartrending decision can save them.

This was an excellent romance story and the paranormal aspects really held me captive. I truly loved that the heroine was a war veteran and she gets a excellent HEA. If you’re one for danger, betrayal, adventure and romance this maybe a book for you.

I could see the romance connection between Adam and Bonnie from the start. Both loners in life because of issues they had. One is a little different and doesn’t feel safe around other women. The other one is not in the best of shape after a bombing in Iraq and with all of her scars she is felling not so hot now days, but who can blame her. So, when these two connect they fall for each other rather instantly. Adam treated Bonnie with the out most respect knowing what happened to her in Iraq. I did at times feel sorrier for Adam in some ways. He lost his parents and his step-dad is rather not such a good dad. You have to read to find out how one so called dad can start the whole ordeal.

The paranormal aspect between shadow hunters and light hunters is interesting I wish it would have gotten a little deeper, but what’s there is easy to understand. I can see this continuing for the next book.

Recommend to any paranormal romance lover.

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