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Guest author Felicity Heaton

Vampire Venators Series – The species

It’s great to be back here at Bitten by Paranormal Romance again chatting to you all about my latest release, FORBIDDEN BLOOD, which is a vampire romance and the first in my new Vampire Venators series of novels.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me and my stories, I write paranormal romance and science fiction romance as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. I have written over forty stories since 2005, and many of those are still available as e-books, either for purchase or as a free download. I’ve released four new novels this year, and have plans to release another three novels and a novella.

Today I want to talk about the species in my Vampire Venators series. There are nine species of demons and they are all watched over by the Sovereignty. The Sovereigns are nine demons of unknown origin, ancient and powerful, and are the last of their species. The Sovereignty use hunters known as Venators to carry out the death sentence on any who have broken the laws governing the individual species. Each species has their own Venators, a peace-keeping force of sorts, and their own laws. Venators belonging to one species can’t carry out a sentence on any other species, not without starting a war between those species at least.

Since there are nine species of demon in the series, I can’t talk about all of them in one go. I’ve already talked about the shape-shifting species at another blog. That’s werewolves, ailuranthropes (cat-shifters) and the other therianthropes. These three species, along with the vampires, live in our world unbeknownst to us.

This time, I’m going to focus on the rest of the species in the series. Most of these don’t live in our world, but rather make their home in the demon realm. The exceptions to this are the magic users, as in witches and warlocks, and also the fairies.

The witches in the Vampire Venators series don’t tend to interact with the other demon species and generally keep to themselves, using their magic to only benefit them and rarely others. They are regarded as demons due to their immortal nature, and the fact that they are often corrupted by their magic and have no qualm about butchering any of the other species in order to get their hands on ingredients for their spells. Because they’re a mercenary race looking out for themselves, they deny having any laws and don’t accept the Sovereignty as their governing force. To be a Venator for the witch species is seen as shameful and most of the magic users chosen to act as Venators keep their position a secret and try to avoid having to carry out any sentences passed down to them by the Sovereignty. Some witches will rather take their own lives than have to betray their species and their way of life.

The fairies, the other species that shares our world, are the complete opposite of the witches. They are very accommodating of the other eight species of demon and even the mortals. This may be because they feed off positive emotions and the life force of others through osmosis, and can often resort to seducing a demon or mortal in order to get a more potent fix. Needless to say, most of the laws governing the fairies relate to their growing addiction to feeding off sexual energy. All of the Venators in the fairy species are male, chosen because they are less likely to resort to carnal matters to get the energy they need to remain young and alive due to the fact that a male fairy has a darker side and sometimes loses control during mating, killing their partner by stealing too much of their life force. While the fairies are the kindest of the nine species, they are also one of the most dangerous due to their methods of feeding, and require the most Venators to keep the species under control.

There are three species that live in the demon realm, a world separate to ours and linked by a breach formed by the realm of the Sovereignty that sits between our realm and theirs.

The most prolific species in the demon realm are simply classified as demons. There are many different species that fall under the banner of demons of the underworld, each of them more evil than the last, but they rarely travel to our realm, and need only a few Venators as they have proven that they aren’t interested in harming other species. The demons are at most risk from themselves. Inter-subspecies wars are frequent in the demon realm, and each subspecies of demons of the underworld has their own Venators. Their role is mainly diplomatic and they spend most of their time in talks with one another to avoid wars and maintain the peace in the underworld.

Second to the demons in number are the angels. These aren’t angels as we often think of them but are rather demons of one specific form, numerous enough that they are treated as a separate species from their brethren. The angels have the appearance of beautiful males complete with coloured feathered wings and warrior’s armour, but their black hearts feed on cruelty and they drink blood as the vampires do. The wars they fought on Earth between the two main factions of their species millennia ago led to thousands of mortals dying from evisceration and blood loss, and the Sovereignty deemed them a danger to all species and used their powers to seal the angels in the demon realm. The breach between our world and the demon realm is closed to them. The Venators of the angel species are charged with the duty of keeping their kin within the demon realm. Any angel who attempts to travel through the breach is sentenced to the eternal darkness.

The remaining species that resides in the demon realm are the undead. These are mortals whose souls were stolen from them, often by the witches, or had been given freely to a demon as part of a bargain. They are growing in number but the Sovereignty has not created any Venators amongst them as the endless dark feeds on souls, and the undead have none. The Sovereignty watches over them directly and employs other means to punish any who attempt harm someone of another species.

The vampires of the Vampire Venators series rarely travel to the demon realm, but that isn’t to say that one or more of the three demon-realm-dwelling species isn’t going to make an appearance in future books in the series.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and learning more about some of the species of demons covered in the series, and that you’ll follow me on my tour with Forbidden Blood to learn more about the world of the Vampire Venators.

Forbidden Blood is available now in e-book formats direct from my site, on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store and will soon be available at other retailers. It is also available in paperback from and will shortly be available in paperback from Amazon worldwide and Barnes and Noble.

Forbidden Blood
Felicity Heaton
In a dark world where vampires exist and where Source Blood, a rare human blood type, can bestow godlike powers upon them, the vampire Venators of the Sovereignty fight to protect the humans by banishing those who drink it to the endless dark.

Exiled from his family and with only his duty to sustain him, Kearn has been on the trail of an elusive Source Blood abuser for three years. When he saves a beautiful human female from the vampire’s grasp, it turns out she’s the lead he’s been waiting for. Amber is a Source Blood and the perfect bait, but for who?

As they race to catch the vampire and survive the cruel games he plays, Amber is pulled deeper into Kearn’s world and discovers the painful secrets he hides behind his handsome but emotionless exterior—hurt that she has the power to heal if she is brave enough.

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Felicity Heaton is a romance author writing as both Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. She is passionate about penning paranormal tales full of vampires, witches, werewolves, angels and shape-shifters, and has been interested in all things preternatural and fantastical since she was just a child. Her other passion is science-fiction and she likes nothing more than to immerse herself in a whole new universe and the amazing species therein. She used to while away days at school and college dreaming of vampires, werewolves and witches, or being lost in space, and used to while away evenings watching movies about them or reading gothic horror stories, science-fiction and romances.

Having tried her hand at various romance genres, it was only natural for her to turn her focus back to the paranormal, fantasy and science-fiction worlds she enjoys so much. She loves to write seductive, sexy and strong vampires, werewolves, witches, angels and alien species. The worlds she often dreams up for them are vicious, dark and dangerous, reflecting aspects of the heroines and heroes, but her characters also love deeply, laugh, cry and feel every emotion as keenly as anyone does. She makes no excuses for the darkness surrounding them, especially the paranormal creatures, and says that this is their world. She’s just honoured to write down their adventures.

If you want to know more about me, or want to get in touch, you can find me at the following places:
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  3. Hi Felicity
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