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Guest Post with author KH LeMoyne + Giveaway closed

Guest Post  KH LeMoyne:  What to Write?

They are the Guardians of Eden—each created with a unique supernatural talent.

Having successfully hidden her abilities from humans for two hundred years, Briet quietly applies the gifts of cellular-level vision to help patients in need. Until she meets her human soul-mate, Jason Ballard.

Jason holds the reigns to the protocol Briet’s patients’ need for recovery. But can she trust a man all too human and grounded in his world to understand hers, much less believe her? When a deadly threat targets her patients, he is the only one she trusts to help stop an evil only the two of them can fight.

Jason has a perfect success rate for delivering of new drugs from test-to-market. Used to influencing people, rules and guidelines delineate every facet of his professional and personal life. The last thing he expects is to be tempted to waiver by the new spitfire doctor on his latest test team. Especially as she starts stirring up issues. Dangerous issues. Issues flagging jeopardy for the lives of the children in the test. Issues the drug manufacturer, his employer, would prefer be ignored. An unacceptable outcome, forcing Jason to walk a dangerous line between job and conscience as he plunges with Briet to ferret out the twisted scheme in time to save her patients.


Let’s face it, it would be hard to write a hundred thousand words about characters you don’t like. Much less struggle through writing a nine-book series. Not impossible, I suppose, but who would want to slog through that exercise? Add on the complexity of genre details, and for urban fantasy to be interesting to me, a story also needs depth and layers. If I can see the reasons why everything is happening as the story unfolds then I’m less entertained. I like surprises. I want them to make sense but still, surprise me!

That’s why I spent a lot of time with all my characters, especially Briet and Jason in Warrior Reborn. First figuring out what makes them tick, what are their primary goals, how they intersect, where they deviate, and, if possible, how something that can be a taboo could turn into a lifeline. These two didn’t launch the Guardians of Eden series and in some ways that makes their story harder. They have to be more compelling, struggle harder, and make their choices for better reasons than their predecessors. A tough milestone.

Because these two meet in a work environment, the supernatural has to be woven around their circumstances. Their actions need to be believable and their outcome incredible. But their character development has to make sense.

Actually, relationships and bonds, what priorities people assign in their lives during a desperate situation is an underlying theme in this series. A secretive Guardian race and a human existence offer little middle ground on which to relate. Especially if the choice seems one-sided. Yet, add in physical threat to children, the fragile chance for long-discarded hopes, and death, and suddenly, our hero and heroine develop strong motivations to set aside their reservations and fight for what they believe is right.

Situations drive goals and a person’s internal character will determine the choices they make. Not to mention that it takes time and experiences for people to trust each other. Solid friendships and true long lasting commitment, doesn’t sprout overnight. It takes a little nurture and the right mix of dangerous circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love that ‘love at first sight’ storyline. Just make me believe it. One of the things I loved about the TV series, Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, was how they grew to love and trust each other, whether they could have each other forever or not. That’s the type of relationship I tried to portray in this second book of the Guardians of Eden. That storyline keeps me interested through every edit. And that type of love will keep me motivated until the series ends. I hope readers will like it as well.
KH LeMoyne was born into a naval family, experiencing total emersion in Spanish kindergarten in Rota, Spain. Her childhood of migrating up and down the eastern US seaboard, with hops from California to Arizona to Virginia, inspired her love of stories and myth. After fifteen years as an Information Systems professional, she now writes full time in romance: fantasy, futuristic and paranormal and straight urban fantasy under another pseudonym. She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband and a pair of corgis. Much to her dismay, she rarely encounters supernatural beings other than on paper.

KH Lemoyne’s current series books Betrayal’s Shadow, Warrior Reborn, XX and Return of the Legacyare available in eBook, with paperback editions coming late summer. She is currently finishing the second in the Phoenix series, Shepherd, (due for release in August). You can find out more about her books at and her blog:
July 21  - Just Another Book Addict

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