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Guest romance authors Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie + Giveaway!

Please welcome authors Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie!

Welcome to the world of Infinite Romance!
The Infinity Series is a complex network of shifters and gifted humans trying to find a way to exist together without extinguishing their true nature. Their adventures are filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, suspense, action, and of course….really, really hot sex!
We are so excited to finally be able to write our stories and, at the same time, live out a few fantasies of our own! I mean come on…what woman wouldn’t want a hot, muscled, devoted, shape shifter to put his life on the line for them in a battle against evil and then turn around and give them a night of pleasure only a lobotomy could remove from their mind!
The one thing we truly enjoy is researching locations for our stories. We have spent time in the Pacific Northwest and also in New Orleans checking out the culture, the environment, and what makes these places so damn special. We are planning our second trip this year to scout out locations for Dev and Thea’s story ~ Infinite Desire (#3).
Please stick with us through our journey into the world of the Coteri, the Valta, and a few very special humans that will make you want to scour the streets of your own town trying to find a shifter of your own! Our second manuscript, Infinite Surrender, is in the works and we can’t wait to bring Chloe and Talon’s story to life.

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie

Mina’s heart raced. Her eyes were closed, hands diving into Mathias’s long, dark hair, she was forehead to forehead with a god of a man and he wanted her. Just her. And he wanted her now. She had thought about this moment since the second she saw him in the forest the day before. Wondering what type of a lover he would be. What he would taste like. How he would touch her. He had turned her on the moment he spoke. And Jesus, just the scent of him made her mouth water.
She tilted her head and licked Mathias’ lower lip, then brought it into her mouth to suck. He lightly and seductively kissed her back for what seemed like an eternity.
They stood there, in the middle of the bedroom, in an opulent hotel suite, just exploring each other’s mouths. Gently brushing their bodies together to feel the heat between them.
His hands moved all over her, learning each curve and where she was the most sensitive to his touch. His fingertips grazed her hardened nipples and she moaned in response to his tender stroking. She arched her back, pressing her breasts closer, hoping he would become more aggressive. More forceful. Mina liked a man to take what he wanted. Not torture her through teasing.
She ran her hands down his taut back, pressed her body closer to his and pleaded, “Mathias. Please. Touch me. I want more.”
He trailed his lips down the pale skin of her neck. “I know, chère. And I’ll give it to you. Soon.”
Mina dug her nails into his ass and pulled him closer. “I’m not used to asking, Mathias.”
Mathias lifted his head and looked directly into Mina’s eyes. His smile was gone. Possession filled his gaze. “After tonight, you won’t be asking another man for anything.”
That shut her up quick. She froze in place and stared. Did he just tell her she was not allowed to be with another man after tonight? What the hell was he thinking? And why in the world did she like that idea?
With her hands still digging into the tight muscles of his ass, Mina wasn’t sure how to react to his blatant statement. His words should have offended her. They should have annoyed her to the point of laughter, but instead she warmed to the thought of being possessed by him. Belonging to him. Dominated by him.
She was tired of always being the tough one. Always being the one in charge. For once, she wanted to be taken care of. Pampered. Loved. Having Mathias do those things for her felt right. She wanted it.
Mina was ready for her dream. Ready for the man she used to imagine while sitting out on the deck back home. The last month had been hard, and the more she thought about where her life took her, she wanted to be a part of something special. Roderick’s money was a life guarantee and not working was even nicer, but she also craved a partnership. A relationship with a man. Since she’d never really had one, she was curious about what made a relationship work. Did she have what it took to be with just one man? She wanted to think she did. Especially if the man were Mathias.
Tracing her jaw line with his finger, Mathias’ voice rumbled from his chest. “You’re mine.”
Mina smiled at the thought. Belonging to him would be nice. Very nice. She would just have to do something about him teasing her sexually and it would be all good.
She leaned back and looked up, once again trying to gauge what he was thinking. Was he truly serious? She was sure he probably had women crooning over him wherever he went. Who was she kidding? The man was colossally gorgeous. So why her? Why now? They had just met. How could he be so positive about a decision like this? Unless … was he playing her? Just saying these things to get her into bed?
Wait. What was she thinking? She was the one that wanted to fuck his brains out and was basically begging him to do it. Why would he think he needed to give her sweet words and endearing promises when she was pretty much a sure thing? She was so confused.
“What do you want from me, Mathias?”
Mathias reached down, planted his hands firmly on her ass and lifted her to him. “Wrap your legs around me, Mina.”
She did as she was told. She felt his stiff cock slide against her swollen sex and she moaned at the brief contact. God, she wanted more.
“I’m going to make love to you until you scream. Until you know you’re mine. No man will ever touch you again. Only me.” He stared through her soul with his hungry emerald eyes. “I’ll mark you so every man who sees you knows who you belong to.”
His declaration made her tremble. Her stomach twisted in a nervous knot. She tightened her legs around his middle to feel more of him. She couldn’t speak. Hell, she couldn’t think because of the wave of arousal overtaking her. Mina just kept looking into his beautiful green eyes wondering why he felt so strongly about her. What was so special about her?
With fluid strides, Mathias carried her over to the huge bed and set her down gently. He reached behind his back and unwrapped her legs from his body.
Mina lay back and watched him.
He pulled her feet up to the edge of the bed and placed them there. Her knees bent, he ran his hands down her thighs, spreading them for him. Allowing him to have full access. To see every part of her body. Mina closed her eyes, feeling the embarrassment leave her mind to be replaced with complete wanting.
“Do you want to belong to me?” His voice did things to her that should be illegal. “Do you want that, Mina?”
She closed her eyes. She was losing herself with him. Her control of the situation was long gone. What happened to the “fuck him and leave him” idea she had come up with a few hours ago? Yeah right. As if she ever had a shot of that happening.
“Open your eyes, baby. Look at me.” His hand caressed her face. “Watch me love you.”
Damn, he was good. Lust slammed into her with just his voice saying he was going to touch her. Something about him affected her in a way she couldn’t grasp. He made her ache. Made her body clench in need. Her skin itched to be touched. The essential hunger for Mathias was overriding her strong bravado to use him and leave him. She reached up and cupped his face, rubbing her thumbs across his strong jaw.
“Yes, love.”
“Just know one thing. I don’t trust easily.”
He leaned down and kissed her softly. “I know, love. I know.”
Mina raised her arms above her head and wove her fingers together. She stretched and arched, pushing her breasts out as an offering. She was giving herself to him. “I hope so.”

Title:  Infinite Betrayal ~ Book One of the Infinity Series
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books
Published:  March 21, 2011
Genre:  Paranormal Suspense
Length: 107,360


For those of you who have already read Infinite Betrayal or if you are planning on reading it before July 15th, please go to Amazon or Goodreads and submit a review.  Once submitted, please post the link to your review HERE – Bitten By Paranormal Romance.  On July 15th, Robyn and Gayle will randomly choose one submission.  The winner will receive a James Avery sterling silver infinity cross as referenced in the book as the symbol of the Coteri. 

If you would like to win a copy of Infinite Betrayal, please go to and tell Robyn and Gayle what you think is most important to have in a Paranormal Romance in order for it to work for you.  Again on July 15, one comment will be chosen to win either an electronic copy or Trade paperback of Infinite Betrayal.

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