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How to Seduce a Scoundrel by Vicky Dreiling book tour review + giveaway

Title: How to Seduce a Scoundrel
Author:Vicky Dreiling
Source: received from publisher
Genre: historical romance
Format: Mass paperback

When Lady Julianne Gatewick realizes the rake of her dreams thinks of her as practically his sister, she decides it's time to get even. The charming Marc Darcett, Earl of Hawkfield, is every lady's fantasy, but he's determined to evade virgins and their matrimonial traps - especially his best friend's sister.

Hawk reluctantly agrees to be Julianne's guardian for the season, but he's having trouble resisting his gorgeous ward. Worse still, she's taunting him by flirting with every scoundrel in London - and he's sworn to protect her! Certain she's learned her tricks from the authoress of that scandalous publication "The Secrets of Seduction", Hawk sets out to uncover the writer's identity. But he never expects to find the formerly angelic Julianne behind the mask - and between his sheets.



I really hate to say this, but I just didn’t care for this book. It’s not the authors writing style, I just didn’t like the story. I found it boring and dull. There was nothing remotely interesting that really happened in the book, unless you call Julianne getting drunk one night interesting or when Hawk took her to his love nest. Ooh yeah, like that was real fun Blch, not me. I wanted desperately to stop reading, but I got this for review, so I carried on.

I didn’t care for a flip flop of the heroine. First she loved Hawk then he would do something to piss her off, so she hated him and in the next freaking moment she would fall over him again UGH. This went on for the best part of the book. And don’t let me get started on when Hawk finally proposed Grrr. Even though she has loved him since she was a kid she acted more like a kid now than when she was a kid.

Hawk wasn’t bad for a scoundrel at least he kept from women during the time of his supposed to be Julianne guardian. What I didn’t care for was Hawk treating Julianne like a kid just about the whole time, it was just annoying for me.

The loves scenes between them took forever to get to them, they were wham bam thank you maam. The thing was I never really found the sexual tension between these two from the start. I love a good build up, but I never found it.

I know some of you love the tension between a coupling, but I just can’t hack it when it’s just about the whole book and no action (and I don’t mean sex LOL) to keep me distracted.

Even though I didn't like this one you may. The thing is you don't know until you try and hey, it's free so please enter. 

Thanks to the publisher I have three to giveaway. US AND CANADA only so leave a email with your comment if its not on your profile.
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  1. I'm sorry you found it disappointing, that stinks :( I do enjoy tension in my romances, so I think I'll add my name to this giveaway & give it a try. Plus, I like getting to know an authors work who is new to me. Thank you for your honest thoughts.

  2. Well that is too bad that you didn't enjoy this book, but I guess without the yucky ones the really good ones wouldn't be as enjoyable. I'd like to read it and give it a try, I hope I win.

    musicalfrog at comcast dot net

  3. Thank you for your honest review. Count me in the drawing please.

  4. I have heard good things and bad things about this book but would love to read this for myself to see how I feel about it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. I'd like to gi ve this one a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

    I follow on GFC under Bethie

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  6. I would love to try this book for myself. Perhaps our tastes will differ. Lady Julianne seems quite witty :)

    GFC follower,

  7. I have liked other books by her so I think I would still like to give this book a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

    GFC follower - Stephanie M

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  8. Sounds good :) Then HR always is sweet or steamy ;)

  9. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this book.

  10. I've heard some really good things about this book and then once or twice I've come across a "blah" review for it. We just all have different tastes. That's all it comes down too. I'd still love to read this, thank you for the chance to win!


  11. Thanks for your honest opinion on How to Seduce a Scoundrel, I appreciate the review. I'm still interested in reading the book, it sounds good to me.

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  12. I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews for this book.But I'd still like to read it.So please count me in for the giveaway

  13. Honest review :) Count me in please!

  14. I have been stalking this book today and would love to read it. To me it sounds like fun - I know reading is so subjective and that is what makes life a little spicy :) Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


  15. Much like Denise, I have been following this book around the web. I would love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. What a great name, Hawk. Historical Romance is perfect for summer, this book would be great to read sitting in a hammock. Thanks for a chance to win!


  17. Thanks for the giveaway and review. I would still like to win it.


  18. Thanks for sharing your views on this book. I've been seeing various reviews on it now and would like to read it myself to see how I'll like it. Thanks for the giveaway!


  19. Reading is such a personal experience isn't it? Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  20. I would like to give it a try too.

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