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Interview and Giveaway with Author Annabelle Weston

Please join me, WildAboutBones, in welcoming author Anabelle Weston as we talk about her recent book Hunting Tucker and other goodies.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?
Thank you so much for the opportunity to promote our paranormal romance, Hunting Tucker. Annabelle Weston is a writing team—Eliza Knight and Sarah Richmond. Eliza lives on the East Coast and is twenty-somethingish and Sarah Richmond (moi) lives on the West Coast and is a bit older. We have never met.

Do you have a process or any special rituals in your writing routine?
For Hunting Tucker, I wrote the short story and Eliza worked on the characterizations and developing the romance. I think she did a great job. For our other projects, I write a chapter, she writes the next and we revise each others chapters.

What makes writing as a team different from writing solo?
Two creative people putting a plot together can come up with some amazing (and strange) ideas.

Why write under a pseudonym?
We decided to use another name, Annabelle Weston, because AW has a definite style and voice separate from the kinds of books Eliza and I write. Hunting Tucker is unique, funny and on the wilder side of paranormal romance. I hope you'll agree.

How did you come up with the idea for “Hunting Tucker”? And was it different from how you come up with your other wild and sexy ideas?
The idea for the story was hatched in an on-line UCLA extension service class called: "Creating Villains." The instructor was horror writer Don Webb. Did I learn a lot! The odd little man in Hunting Tucker came out of my homework for the class and I ended up with a fifteen page story. I submitted the story to several SciFi and Fantasy magazines. The rejections were kind and helpful but all felt the story was more of a romance. So I asked my writing partner, Eliza Knight, if she'd like to work on the project and make the odd man story into a book. Eliza tarted up the story. Did she ever. Blush. Hunting Tucker became a paranormal romance with a happy ending.

Any plans for more stories in the paranormal romance/erotica genre?
Sure. I’d like to do a werewolf story that doesn’t have a gothic setting.

How did you come up with and create a video for your books?
This spring I attended the Romantic Times convention in Los Angeles. All the buzz was about the self-published selling so well on Amazon. Eliza is computer savvy and she did the cover and formatted Hunting Tucker according to the Amazon guidelines. She also developed a trailer and put it on YouTube. Here's the link:
Now we are doing our own publicity including a Blog Tour. Being featured at Bitten By Paranormal Romance is such a great opportunity for us.

Who are some of your favorite authors and what are some of your favorite books you’ve read?
My new favorite is Helen Simonson (Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand). Also, I like Phillipa Gregory (Other Boleyn Girl), Anne Perry (Monk series) and Marion Chesney (Snobbery with Violence).

Is there something you’d like to tell your fans that no one ever asks you in an interview?
Thank you for being readers.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re working on next?
Eliza and I have finished three projects—one historical and two contemporaries. The manuscripts are at publishers for consideration.

More about our journey can be found at
My website for historical romance is

Now for some Fun Questions:
I’ll answer for me but Annabelle is more hip and fun than I am.
Spoilers or no spoilers? If you like birds, you’ll like Hunting Tucker.
eBooks or print? eBook for now.
Boxers, briefs or commando? Briefs if they’re snug. No baggy briefs, please.
What are you currently reading? Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson which I love, love, love. Also The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson which readers of paranormal might like. It’s scary.
Do you have any pets? I had a dachshund who died of kidney failure. Too soon to get another.
What is your favorite movie and TV show? I’m a fan of Justified. Great characters. I like historical movies, costume dramas, and movies set in England but just saw a contemporary called The First Grader which made me cry.
Do you have a favorite food or place to eat? Here in Pasadena we eat at The Hat. Pastrami and more onion rings than you can fit on a plate.

Thanks so much, Annabelle Weston, for taking the time for this interview.

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  1. Great interview, Annabelle and the book sounds awesome :)

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  3. Thanks so much! BPR fans are the best.
    Quick update about Annabelle. She's sold two books to Ellora's Cave, one of the leading EBook publishers in the USA.

  4. Congrats on selling to Ellora's Cave. I look forward to reading this book!!
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  5. Wow, great interview. I can't imagine writing with someone else let alone someone else that is across the country! What made you decide to write as a duo? And, how did you two decide you would be a good fit? Thanks for the giveaway.
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  6. What a great interview Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for the great giveaway!

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  8. Great interview. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway.

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  9. Eliza and I were critique partners on line and I loved her modern, cheeky voice. Working with her is a dream because she has big ideas that work. Two creative people sometimes lock horns, but so far we have been able to get along!
    We are working on another contempory set in cowboy country which I'm excited about because I love a man who can sit tall in the saddle.

  10. Sorry to hear about your dog. I recently had 3 senior cats and they died within 2 years. It was pretty brutal making "the decision" so many times so closely.

  11. Thanks. He and I were great pals. We would go to town with the radio on and both of us singing as loud as we could.

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  15. Thanks again to Laurie and the staff at BPR for the opportunity to talk about Hunting Tucker. Hope you'll invite me back.

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  17. Thank you for such a great story!! I only read what was listed on this blog, but it sounds really good!!
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