Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it Paranormal Romance of Urban Fantasy? Weekend event

So many people ask me is there a difference between the two sub-genre? Yes, there is a big difference. So, I am hosting a weekend event named “Is it paranormal romance or urban fantasy?” I have three wonderful authors that are writing some great post to help us to understand the difference. I hope to help those out there that would like to know the true difference between them.  So, be here August 25th-28th.

Tina Folsom Aug 25th
Gabrielle Bisset 26th
Stacey Kennedy 27th
Tessa Dawn 28th


  1. I'm glad your doing this. I have a little bit of a hard time teling the difference. Looking forward to reading these posts :)

  2. Look forward to being there - I often have difficulty with telling them all apart - I just know what I enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great. Someone can finally 'splain to me what's what. LOL!

  4. this is such a clever blog feature. Looking forward to it:)

  5. I'm glad too that your doing this. So often it is hard to tell the difference between the two genre's.
    Thanks again.
    GFC follower

  6. This is awesome!! I usually can tell the difference between the two but sometimes one book can fall into both genres....can't wait to read the author posts!

  7. This is great, I too don't know the real difference between the two.


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