Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lycan Heat by S.K. Yule

Lycan Heat
Author: S.K. Yule
Source: Requested review
Length: Novella
Genre- paranormal romance- shape-shifters

Sherry Denton has never liked nature or the great outdoors so when her sister drags her away to a place in the wilderness called Sanctuary, she hopes this will be one weekend that flies by. 

Piers Kavanaugh, an ancient lycan who has been alone for years, has recently lost the only family he had. When he seeks revenge for his brother’s death, he never imagines he’ll find the one woman who can save his black soul. 

Can Sherry overcome her aversion to nature and love the sexy, dominant man who is the complete opposite of everything she thought she wanted in a mate? 

Caution: This read contains a scorching lycan hero who doesn’t need a full moon to show his sexy, dominant nature, and an innocent heroine who is more than willing to explore his predatory appeal and charm.

This is another one of S.K.'S hot shape-shifter reads with danger. The blurb says enough, so I’m not going to spoil anymore and go into the story. I did like both characters and the story, but I felt like I needed to read more about the hero and the heroine. Their story was too thin with the other characters story and going back over the Lycan rouge story line. It just felt like I was reading the Lycan Lust over again.

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