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Review Broken by David H. Burton

Title: Broken: A Paranormal Romance
Author: David H. Burton
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Format: Paperback, 246 pgs
Release Date: June 15, 2011
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Broken Book Cover

Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, Katherine Gregory receives a letter from her deceased mother. It details a faery curse in which the eldest child in each generation will die in their twenty-fifth year.

Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, a new love interest comes knocking, and her first love has returned - neither men are what they seem, and Katherine may have to choose between them.

Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, Katherine must decide if this is all real, or if the strange visions she's been having are just a figment of her imagination.

The race to unravel the mystery begins, and Katherine must solve it - for any day after her birthday could be her last.

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Rating -
a pack howl

Sexual -

My Review:

Little green men, shocking revelations, a curse, the fae, a changeling, a nymph, a trip to England, betrayal, the return of a long lost love and a new romance come together in this appealing and entertaining paranormal/fantasy mystery romance from Burton. I was pulled into the story from the first few lines and read it in one sitting.

The story is told first person from the point of view of Katherine, humorous tomboy extraordinaire, who frequently thinks, "pretty sure I reek of man-repellent." She's off her meds seeing what she's been told are hallucinations. She'd seen little people when she was little child, going through many doctors until one found the right meds to make them go away for seven years. Now they're back.

Chris, Katherine's roommate's brother, has been a friend for the past year. Is it a coincidence that he calls her up to ask her out for coffee the day a letter from her mother, who died 3 mos ago, arrives with a key in it to a safe deposit box stating to open it before her 24th birthday - in just 3 days? When Chris suddenly starts putting out "vibes" that he thinks of her as something more than just a friend, in shock from what she found in the box, she decides to explore those vibes.

Katherine finds out that Chris is a great lay and he can cook too! While there is not a lot of sex in the story, what is there is steamy. Burton writes a seriously good and hot carnal scene. Whew!

Chris and Jonathan have to try to keep Katherine alive past her 24th birthday while both vying for her affection.

With a nice couple of twists, this is a quick read that engages the reader. I think fans of the paranormal romance and fantasy romance genres will be glad to be introduced to Burton and his story.

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!!
This has a HEA ending for Chris and Katherine - sort of. In the manner of a two people walking off into the sunset together, it is implied but not specifically stated.



  1. Thanks so much for the review and for taking the time to read! I really appreciate it!

    Cheers! :)

  2. This book definitely looks interesting. It sounds like it has a little bit of everything in it. I'm adding this one to my reading list.

  3. Thanks Karen! Hope you like it!! :)

  4. @David: It was a pleasure. Going to add more of your books to my "to read" list.

    @Karen: You won't be disappointed. Put it high on your wishlist.


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