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Review The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart

Title: The Choice
Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, 282 pgs
Release Date: June 21, 2011
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The Choice Book Cover

Marcie Hollis is a Wiccan, who’s always played by the rules. That’s until she meets Dan McKenzie, a man who she believes to be the knight in shining armor she’s been searching for all her life. However, Dan’s not who he appears to be. He lures Marcie into his world of lies, greed and high-grade marijuana. But fate intervenes on Marcie's illicit trip for Dan to New Orleans, when she's robbed in a crowded airport. The thug not only makes off with her suspicious backpack, he knocks her down, her head slams on the concrete floor, and she loses her memory right in the path of DEA agent, Sam Carre.

After a six-month investigation into the activities of a big time drug dealer crumbles, the same day damming evidence is found stuffed in Sam’s locker – evidence suggesting he’s the notorious leak on the team, Sam jumps on the first plane home. Arriving in a crowded airport in New Orleans - his reputation and loyalty are in question. But even though Sam’s tired, disillusioned and haunted by a past that gives him no peace, he stops to help an attractive stranger when she falls in front of him. Then in an act of chivalry, he takes her to his home until the police can identify her. When questions arise about Marcie, and what she’s involved in, the answers lead them to the exact felons Sam investigated in the Pacific Northwest.

When her illusive memory returns, this complex case pushes them both to explain the unexplainable, and leaves Sam with a haunting question. Was she set up, or was this a game she played? Sam’s forced to make a choice, walk away from the attraction that connects them, or risk losing everything.

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Rating -
one good howl

Sexual -

My Review:

A large scale marijuana operation, a drug lord, dirty cops/DEA agents, a tarnished reputation, old letters, ghosts and a dark entity from the past come together in this contemporary romance with some paranormal aspects.

This is a story about a woman who forgets her roots, gets taken in by a man full of and surrounded by dark entities, is manipulated into becoming his drug mule and marijuana cultivator, loses her memory, meets a good man and they, along with some friends, set out to bring this very bad man to justice.

DEA Agent Sam was set up to take the fall by a drug lord. He sees a snatch and grab in the airport and sees Marcie go down. He can't help himself, he has to help her ... and go to the hospital with her ... and invite her to stay with him at his house. He feels a need to protect her. Later he finds he can't "keep his hands off her".

Marcie is being used as a mule by her boyfriend, Dan, who unbeknownst to her is a magic manipulator. She is mugged in the airport and her scalp is ripped open when her head hits the floor. She has a bad concussion and can't remember anything but her first name. She thinks she's crazy when she starts feeling others' emotions. She's seeing dead people and guardians in her dreams. After she regains her memory, she knows she sees dead people while she's awake too. She thought she was in love with Dan until she meets Sam and he helps her.

While this has some paranormal elements in it, a Wiccan in need of getting back to her roots and the Spirit and a man possessed and surrounded by a dark entities, this is not what most would consider a paranormal romance. But it is a good contemporary romance with a little bit of sex in it.

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!
This has a HEA ending.



  1. I am intrigued - thank you for sharing today.

  2. @Denise Z: You are very welcome. Even though I wouldn't consider it typical paranormal romance, it is a good story. Someone commented on a review I did last month that the story sounded like a good one to use to cleanse the palate before reading more. I think this one can do the same.

  3. I talked of you on my blog post.

    Psique @ Book Travels


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