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Review Demon Girl by Lisa M. Cronkhite

Title: Demon Girl
Author: Lisa M. Cronkhite
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal - Demon
Format: eNovella, 82 pgs
Release Date: July 5, 2011
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Demon Girl Book Cover

Charlene Peters is in love with Jesse Carson, a man she met online. Through the internet their relationship grows as they agree to meet in person. Jesse is falling hard, yet he has no idea she is hiding a dark secret about her life— the previous life she lived before.

Charlene now must save the condemned souls from attempting the same thing she did one year ago or she will never see her family from her past life again. There is only one thing that will break the curse put upon her—to find her soul-mate. Can Charlene get a second chance at living a human life?

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Rating -
Nothing to howl about

Sexual -

My Review:

While the plot is a very intriguing one and the character of Charlene is a believable one, the story is not developed enough to be considered a paranormal romance. 1.5 Stars.

Although the eNovella needs a lot of work, the story itself is very interesting and it brings up some thought provoking issues. As a bonus, there is some poetry throughout the story.

The writing style is different - the result is a kind of choppy flow. And, my goodness, is it depressing as written!

There is the basis for a romance between Benjamin and Charlene and Jessie and Charlene connect online but there is no real romance in the story in either instances.

There is a lot going on in this 82 page novella to/around Charlene:
Jessie, met online, long distance online relationship, professes love
Sarah, Jessie's ex, considering suicide, Charlene's mission
David, landlord, sometimes seems interested in Charlene
Benjamin, another demon, intentions unknown until end
Father, left when she was 3, shows up in her section at work
Delmara, Charlene's mentor and angel
Adam, stepfather and father of Charlene's child
Unknown figure, after a break in at her apt, seen hiding in trees
Lucifer even has a cameo appearance
Charlene unintentionally possesses Sarah's body

Paranormal and urban fantasy fans may like this story.



  1. Sorry this novella wasn't your thing. You can't love them all I guess. Gotta say, I'm not lovin' that cover.

  2. @redzsm: It is a shame the editor/publisher let this get this by in this form. I think the author has some real talent and the story could have been a great one. However there is just way too much going on in such a short number of pages that the reader can feel like a pinball jumping from place to place without getting anywhere since nothing really gets developed. In fact, I think this could be an outline for a good full length novel with the right editing staff. LOL, being a horror fan, I actually like the cover.

  3. This novella also fell flat for me. I found the writing amateurish, and I won't get started on that cover!

    I agree with the editing.


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